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Participants: Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen, TJ Baker, Brian Peat, Davide Messia , Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall, Mike Demo

Apologies: Jerri Christiansen


Team internal overall goals for 2017:

  • Team will operate under more decentralized mandates for each role and function.

Vacant positions:


  • Venue contract should be signed by end of February.  Rowan traveling there to clarify details and get final proposal in place 21/22nd February.


  • Aim for design is 8th March.

  • Aim for website delivered by 31st March.

  • Release keynotes between 1st may and 30th June while selling blind bird.

  • Add detailed timeline with Call for speakers / Keynote speakers etc. Coordinate with Marketing Lead.

Live interpreters:

  • Rowan is getting proposals on translators.

  • Potential online service with App - Rowan has a meeting setup.

  • Main room + 1 more track covered by simultaneous translation.


  • Brian is pending details from Venue contract etc. and will start planning based on that.


  • Jerri stepping down as webmaster, Rowan taking up role.

  • Requirements document to be produced in time for next meeting

  • Must be easy to use both for visitors and team, we will aim to use core as much as possible.


  • Mike Demo has SponsEasy microsite ready when venue contract is “locked”.

  • Once venue contract goes final give “old” sponsors 1-2 weeks to sign up.

  • HostingCon - Offering JWC sponsor packages there, Robert Jacobi and Jay Blaq attending.

Speakers & Program:

  • TJ will work on pre-populating Keynote ideas and prepare call for speakers.

  • TJ to reach out to potential keynotes also through contacts from former years.

  • 3 Onsite liaisons who can nurse the 3 external keynoters and make them feel a part of our community / a good experience.


Davide will try and reach out to the Italian Cultural Allowance program to see if we qualify for cultural outreach. See here for more info.

Next Meeting:

Next meeting on the 27th February