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JWC Meeting Agenda
7th November at 17:00 UTC


Scheduled length of time: 60 Minutes


Participants: Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen, Brian Peat, Sandra Decoux, MikeDemo (late), Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall, Hugh Douglas-Smith, Davide Messla

Apologies: Alison Meeks, Jennifer Gress, Luca Marzo, Roberto Longo



Agenda Items & minutes:


Marketing Team Updates


Tickets to close Friday the 10th!!! email to be setup this evening as final notification!

Social Media Team Updates


3 to 4 posts per day on FB and Twitter (+ some retweets on Twitter).

Still 25 speakers to share + 8 sponsors
Super good job by SoMe team.



15th Nov. - “On the ground” team meeting and setup starts

10th Nov. -  Ticket sales stops

9th Nov. - Name badges print deadline

8th Nov. - Program print deadline

SALES - as of 07 Nov-17


Sales are very positive and total attendees list expected to hit around the projected 350 attendees limit on the venue setup.



This is all set up.  They will arrive to set up at 16:00 on the 16th.

Local Outreach

Luca / Davide

Need Schools Confirmed and tickets claimed by end of Tomorrow - Roberto
Need all Speaker and Partner tickets claimed by end of Tomorrow - Luca
Need Fungo confirmed tomorrow at latest. - Davide



Programme will be finalised and completed in both Italian and English by end of tonight.  



All set here, AV kit is enroute to venue.


Mike D

Items goes to print in 12 hours.

No space for more booths in venue configuration.



Arrivals List - will be working on Team/Project Arrivals list and will arrange transport for as possible.

Dietary Requirements and Social Event Attendance email has been sent out and form being filled in.

Socials are confirmed for external venues Thursday +  Friday night.

Circular transport will run all night Thursday.

Transport to to venue Friday will run for an hour before dinner and an hour after dinner.

Lunch Menus - Chosen - Savoury items added to Saturday afternoon break to fuel JIA.

Refreshment Catering arranged for Sponsor/Speaker Lounge and Team office.

Cloakroom Organised with 2 persons on first day 1 on second.  
Cloakroom will also hand out bags and stamp that part of the passport.

Saturday dinner - Dinner at venue menu chosen and all arrangements sorted.

Schedule for onsite activities is finalising towards the meeting on the 15th.



All of this has gone to print and will be delivered Friday.  

Rowan/Hugh Bringing all Merch and Print by hand.  

Roller banners have been sent to print.

Other Business


Waiting on art and content to finish program guide deadline in 12 hours.

Final meeting notes of JWC 17 Team by Ronni and a big thank you to all of the team.