Joomla! Working Groups

Accessibility team (A11yTeam)

We are the team of Joomla! experts that also know how to advise, test and give recommendations around accessibility for other working groups and help give direction in regards to accessibility for the project.

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Automated Testing Working Group

This team focuses on improving the Quality of Joomla CMS software and creating learning material about "how to automatically test" joomla CMS and its extensions. Keywords: unit, system, acceptance, integration, codeception, behat, mink,

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Bug Squad (JBS)

For further information see the Bug Squad page and Bug Squad Portal:

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Capital Team

The Capital Team is a sub working group of Open Source Matters and manages all business level partnerships and financial sponsorship of the Joomla Project. The Capital Team also manages the Joomla Shop (

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Certification Exam Team

This group is responsible for all the different Certifications (Administrator, Developer…) Defining the areas for the role. Creating the questions for the tests in English, Spanish and other languages. Plan for internationalization of the program.

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Certification Marketing Team

We have the pleasure to support the Joomla! Certification Program with marketing and communication. Our team will be having an ongoing dialogue with the community to get feedback on the Joomla! Certification.

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Certification Operations Team

Do the liaison for interested trainers, joomla learningpartners, joomla days, joomla user groups and supervisors answering questions about the certification process, providing contracts, etc. This is the main outreach team, once the certification is launched.

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Certification Platform Team

The Certification Platform Team is responsible to create and maintain the certification platform which consist of Exam Delivery, Learning Partners Dashboard, Payments, Enrollment and maintaining directory of Certified Users.

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CMS Maintenance Team

This team is responsible for reviewing all patches submitted to the Joomla! CMS, merging patches into the code base, and ensuring that the high standards of Joomla are maintained at all times.

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CMS Release Team

This team is responsible for coordinating all aspects of Joomla! CMS releases.

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Community Leadership Team (CLT)

Provide the structures and community management necessary to create an online community that is enjoyable and rewarding to participate in, nurture and support online communities of users, provide support and information to users, and facilitate communication between users and the Production Working Group.

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Distribution Working Group

The Distribution Working Group is focused on making sure that all channels distributing Joomla - download pages, hosting companies offering Joomla SaaS services, template companies with quickstart packages etc. - are providing the latest Joomla! versions within their major releases.

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Documentation Helpscreen Team

The Documentation Helpscreen Team is a sub-team of the official Joomla! Documentation™ Working Group. The aim of this sub-team is to update and maintain the help screens, in order to reflect the latest version of Joomla. As soon as Help Screens are updated, they will be marked for translation to be available for most.

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Documentation Translation Team (JDT)

The Documentation Translation Team translates the English Documentation into several other languages

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Documentation Working Group (JDOCs)

The Documentation Working Group is a standing team of people dedicated to improving Joomla's documentation. This includes both user and developer documentation. Our primary focus is this wiki, but we are also responsible for maintaining and other resources.

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en-GB User Interface Text Working Group

The official language of Joomla is en-GB and yet the actual strings we use have been created, over 10 years, many by people who are not native en-GB speakers. Establish official style guidelines for writing en-GB strings. Ensure consistency throughout Joomla. Provide translation teams with an easy framework and guidelines to create their own style guides. The style guide is a living document that may be updated and added to over time as the need arises. The style guide will be maintained by native en-GB speakers.

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Events Team

Oversees approvals and publishing of JoomlaDays, Joomla User Groups and related official global Joomla events.

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Extensions Directory Team (JED)

The Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) is the website where Joomla users can find free and paid extensions for Joomla.

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