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Meeting Notes CLT - November 17, 2016



Mike Veeckmans
Sandra Thevenet
Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall
Cliff Pfeifer
Sander Potjer

David Jardin


Anibal Sanchez (from MAD Barajas Airport)
Helvecio da Silva


Absent :

Johan Janssens


Events Team

  • Italy is possibly resolving past issues. There’s a new community lead. Most of the community members don’t speak English, so translating into italian (and other languages for other communities) would be great to build bridges in between communities.



  • CP did a great job on the Social Media of JWC

  • CLT is pleased to welcome JWC to the EU



  • An issue concerning the top menu has been fixed

  • MV is talking to the team to see if we have the possibility of new income for the community




CRT (Conflict Resolution Team)

  • Now current CRT has access to reports, CoC and OP documents, and we are starting to make progress.

  • Current CRT OP requires 18 LT votes to take any action. It has never been applied.

  • Press section : ST & MV will continue developing this

  • About Joomla! Page updated (ST)

  • Privacy Policy: this needs updating but help is required



  • New JUG’s are forming, which is good news

  • Listing etc are done faster, the system is in good shape now.


Social Media Team

  • A meeting just happened in order to solve the issues and help the team to improve our communication (ST+MV)

  • CLT twitter account can be closed, majority agreed.