By Stefanie Thielmann on 2015-11-11 00:00 in Certification Marketing Team

Joined by

Sarah Watz (President - OSM)

Patrick Jungbluth (TL - Certification Operations Team)

Deb Cinkus (TL Extension Team)

Johan van der Velde (ATL Certification Marketing Team

Arjen Schrijvers (TL – Exam Team)

Stefanie Thielmann (ATL - Exam Team)

Sarah Watz welcomed everyone and gave an overview about her stay at the Joomla! World Conference at
Bangalour. With Sam Suresh she had a session which took about 2 hours. This was joined by different people. It
was an open session so everyone was free to join and to leave. Therefore it was hard to count the participants.
About 6 to 15 person where in the room at one time, some wanted to know how earn a Certification badge and otheres wanted to know how to become a proctor. Many asked if they can help with the exam.

The questions (and answers), raised at the JWC will be included into the FAQ in the web site

Subteam Reports

Exam Team

As Arjen wasn't well last week he had to miss the Team meeting and Marie-Anne instead reviewed questions with
the Exam Team. Progress was made.

Operations Team

The website was launched last week and all needed forms are ready and almost online.
Patrick received 3 submissions already for regional partners and one as a Joomla! Learning Partner. The Information where provided by Patrick.

Marketing Team

Johan has been working on the NDA and has made progress in that. He clears the question if badges are needed
for the Joomla! Certification Program volunteers. No change has been made on deciding to have the badges. Sarah
will get back to Peter and Sander to raise this issue again at the end of the week and to have an answer from the
CLT soon.

Extension Team

Deb has feedback from Tom Hutchinson, who has set up the MediaWiki for the Joomla! Docs Translation team. It
is necessary to have an own Joomla! space set up for this with restricted access. The software has to be integrated
into the system first and after that it has to be discussed how to export the questions for Moodle. Sarah advised
Deb to ask Peter Bui for help to get the site set up.

Open Discussion

It was asked to correct the facebook link on the site of the Certification Program. This task was
taken by Johan and done right after the meeting.
Sarah mentioned to correct the links for the forms on the volunteer portal too.
It was agreed on planning a budget for the Certification Team. Everyone should think about a
budget and what is a goal to reach for, for the next meeting.
The revenue has also to be thought about to have a clear thought for the treasurer. This might be
difficult to achieve because of the Big Mac index as basis.

Sarah closed the meeting after 40 minutes