By Sandra Decoux on 2017-04-06 22:06 in Documentation Team

The Documentation requires a daily and never ending work.


Summary for the work achieved or in progress for the last few weeks

  • Help Screens

    • Martijn is doing an amazing job in updating/reviewing the 3.7 help screens

    • MAT managed the creation of all missing Help Screens to avoid errors in the backend. These need to be fulfilled.

    • Sandra created all help screens for multilingual associations component and custom fields and started to complete them. But they are far from being ready. Some volunteers brought by Cliff were supposed to manage them, but didn’t (not yet at least)

  • 3.7 New features

    • Astrid wrote 2 tutorials about custom fields and multilingual components associations

    • Tobias is working on the developer section for the custom fields and the multilingual associations components. Content will go live after proofreading by Philip

  • Joomla! 4

    • In Progress

      • Michael and George created a page for potential B/C issues

    • To do

      • When possible, a tutorial for migration from 3.x to 4 will be needed

      • Documentation for new features

      • Help Screens


  • Miscellaneous

    • Tom  has archived and locked all J1.5, API15, API16, API17 pages. All 2.5 pages will be locked and archived as well as Help Screens for EOL versions.

    • Sandra reorganised some pages/category related to the previous structure to fit the new one

    • Niels updated the content related to the Bug Squad team

    • Usual daily updates/review of contributions, translation tags, contributors welcoming mostly by MAT and Sandra.

    • Jenn completed the series about User Groups in order to provide complete information about the team, process, resources …

    • Yves started a tutorial about using the JFactory Class

    • As usual during JoomlaDay Netherlands, Martijn involved new Dutch translators to JDocs and many translations have been done

  • Issue with the en-GB User Interface Text Working Group
    Brian left the team. A new team leader needs to be find as well as checking if current members are active or not. If not and if a new lead can’t be found, a decision will be needed regarding the future of this team and the maintenance of the related section on the dev site and the VP will need to be updated.



Update of the pages about the role, purpose and roadmap of the Documentation Working Groups

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