By Radek Suski on 2016-02-23 11:17 in Events Team

February 2016

Attendees: Radek Suski, Sigrid Suski,  David Jardin, Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall

Not in attendance: Carlos Cámara, David Aswani (report revised after meeting)

Date/Time: February 14, 2016 @ 13:00 UTC (Physical meeting in London)

Main issue we discussed is to plan to move the events website to the main website to reduce the number of websites the project has to manage.

Process of merging the event site with the main website:

  • Merge the events site into the JUG directory sandbox.

  • Create strategy for bringing in Mosets Data.

  • Create strategy for bringing in Maqma Data.

    • Rowan has worked on this and the migration will be straightforward all ticket history can be ported across.

  • Correct and adjust both directories.

    • Some work has been done on the JUG side.

  • Finish off maqma integration.

    • Need to redo this due to porting of other data.

  • Copy the entire package into the Joomla main site.

  • Create automatic connection between JUG directory and Event website. While adding an event check if the user has an entry in JUG directory. While displaying event, get JUG data.

  • While showing JUG data, display past and upcoming events.

  • We are not going to migrate user accounts. We would inform all existing users from the Events site and the JUG directory to re-create their accounts and then claim their listings from JUG directory and/or Event website. Preferably via the help desk.

    • We are going to migrate the users because it is the only way to bring the tickets in in tact.  We will clean the user-base however, but retain.


Other topics:

  1. We have been informed by the JUG London organisers that there is some issue while adding a JUG meeting. Lack of exact behaviour. We need to check it and then fix it.

  2. Organizing a JoomlaDay within a bigger event should be allowed as it has advantages for the Joomladay such as getting money from the surrounding event and getting recognized by others. We are going to handle every such proposal case by case.

  3. We are going to remove the Joomla Festival event type from the list of recognized events as it was an exception for the first one held as part of an Expo. As we approved it for 2016, this will happen first for 2017. They should call them e.g. Joomladay North and can use the term Joomla Festival as a sub title.

  4. David J. Is writing an email to the organization team of Joomla Festival.

  5. JoomlaDays in Africa don’t have enough money for organizing events. Now we have a sponsoring of £2000GBP (Approx $2900 US)  for those from  Joomladay UK.  After the sponsoring has been confirmed, we need to ask those organisers and ask them about their needs.  David Aswani will compile a list of events that are struggling and communicate with them.

We would like to express our gratitude to Rowan for organising the meeting and providing a location for the meeting.