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Attendees: Carlos Cámara, David Aswani, Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall, David Jardin

Not in attendance:

Date/Time: 02 July 2018 @  17:00 CET



  1. Status of the new Extension for managing Events - Report

  2. JoomlaDay Lagos - Report

  3. Really reduced Budget this year.

    1. Cut down Financial support around $1000 to $500 according to Events history.

  4. User asked about adding  a module in Joomla Control Panel showing events around their location, magazine articles… Regarding privacy, they suggested to make it configurable so that user can configure the module to whatever location settings they want and then we can show them news, events, etc… This way we respect their privacy and allow promoting community.

  5. Do we need more team members?

  6. In Contact with Jill form WP Diversity area to check how we can improve our speakers diversity.

  7. We need to start asking for Transparency reports.

  8. WP sends a newsletter with topics suggestions to their Meetup organizers, we could do the same with our JoomlaDay Organizers.

  9. I updated sponsorship info link to:


  1. Event budget reduced to $13,000 considering last year we had 28 JoomlaDays meaning we cannot support 28 JoomlaDays.

  2. Financial Support is reduced to $750 due to reduced budget.

  3. Events form is going to be modified to reflect the new changes.

  4. When a Joomla Even requests financial support we are going to work with them in getting the event done.

  5. We need more team members. We are going to ask Community to join.

  6. Team liked the idea of setting up an additional Newsletter to propose new ideas for events topics.

  7. Carlos will propose  the Board to add an “Events around” module with all privacy settings needed.