By Private Profile 6f963e8d on 2018-12-20 00:00 in Events Team

Attendees: David Aswani, Carlos Cámara

Not in attendance: Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall, David Jardin

Date/Time: 20 Dec 2018 @  5:00 UTC



  1. Implementing the proposed jug meetings approval  at least in 24 hrs after submission by the jug organizer and 48 to 72 hrs for JoomlaDay events.

  2. How to best deal with trademark violations.

  3. Making transparency report mandatory for Jday Organizers.

  4. Finding Fiscal Support and Sponsors (OSM) on docs needs to be updated  

  5. Revisit Team meetings schedule


  1. David and Carlos will take turns to approve the events. So they will reply to event organizers in the proposed time ranges.

  2. When an event is rejected due to a TradeMark violation we will point the organizer to the specific article with all the information about it and will try to provide clear instructions on what they need to do. We will use our reject email templates for this.

  3. Transparency reports have been mandatory since 2017. Organizers are requested to publish them in their Events websites. Now we will also ask to send them within 30 days after the event.

  4. Rowan is updating our Events Charter about Fiscal Support

  5. We are going back to our 2 week schedule. Next meeting will be on 10th January at 18:00 ECT