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Date: 13th May 2017
Time: 06:00 (UTC / GMT) 
Meeting was attended by: George Wilson, Yves Hoppe, Mohamed Karam, Altay Adademir



1. Introduction and Discussion of the Project Guidelines 

Initially, George briefly explained the expected outcome of the project and detailed the design and implementation stages. He pointed out that important factor in this project is to make it as easy as possible for extension developers to integrate webservices based on their existing architecture. Initial design decisions include;

  • Building the architecture that Joomla will run webservices from. George suggested to create a new API folder as an entry point, such as (
  • An application, to work on the router and responses.
  • Extension Integration (How do we go from Joomla's application to an entry point in an extension?)

We have discussed about the custom MVC layers used by the different extension developers. We have decided to support the default Joomla MVC layer and produce an official documentation explaining the steps needed for the webservices integration.

We have also decided to build a solid model then get feedback from the community on this model, about the possible improvements. 

George suggested to start with Joomla's bundled extensions (such as articles, contacts, newsfeeds) and then progress onto other MVC layers. 


2. Project Scope and Further Work

Yves and George suggested to split the project's work into two (as extension integration and core implementation) between Mohamed and Altay to prevent conflicts and allow efficient implementation.

Altay decided to work on extension integration and Mohamed decided to work on the core code.


3. Entry Point Suggestions

George suggested API for the downloads site ( as a starting point for Mohamed. 

He also suggested Altay to read about ( and to take a look at the Newsfeed component, which is one of the simplest components in Joomla ( and is a good point to start.


4. Other Topics

Use of was advised by mentors (in order to get involved in Joomla development actively).

Importance of good documentation was also pointed out during the meeting. Altay and Mohamed were asked to prepare a documentation of their work, which should help other Joomlers for the next 4-5 years time.