By Anurag Kumar on 2019-06-21 10:34 in GSOC 19 Page Builder Project

June 07, 2019, 09:00 am UTC


Attendees: Anurag Kumar, Benjamin Trenkle, Franciska Perisa, Nitish Bahl, Viviana Menzel


The meet started with the group checking the todo list of the previous week, reviewing existing code and issue that not all CI tests ran successfully.


The page builder editor interface is being built according to the UI document shared and agreed by members of the Glip channel. Some unexpected issues arising in the week were discussed and resolved. The students were instructed to communicate more frequently on the main group instead of a private channel.


The objective for next week will be to polish the UI, fix bugs and improve the current work before adding any new features. Separate issues were created on Github and assigned to Nitish Bahl and Franciska Perisa which included-

  •   JSON parameter field is hidden
  • The [x] icon is bigger (double size)
  • The default canvas has a min-height
  • The canvas has a border
  • The modal HTML syntax and buttons are in sync with the Joomla! core modal
  • Existing core translation strings are used instead of the new one
  • Grids have a [+] to add more columns on the fly
  • The CSS of the editor is adjusted so e.g. col-8 + col-4 is in one line (and it looks like the frontend)
  • Hovering over elements in the modal gives visual feedback(hover-effect)
  • selecting an element closes the modal
  • Create a new frontend template named: "Apodis"
  • The current JSON is rendered and a first output is generated
  • All changed in Cassiopeia are removed


The link to Github issues is - #10 & #11.