By Private Profile a84028c1 on 2021-07-24 18:31 in GSoC 21 Frontend Inline Editing

This is an update about the Frontend Inline Editing project in continuation to the last report.


What has been done since the last report?

  • Some general improvements in the no-editor interface for inline editing.
  • TinyMCE editor integration. This editor has an inline editing mode that doesn’t use a text area. Here is a short video of the editing experience in this mode.
  • Code refactor: There is now a controller to simulate a full post request. This makes the existing code reusable and ensures the existing flow of data.
  • A global configuration option to enable/disable inline editing.

Some details about the templates/front-end are yet to be finalized. This is the link to the discussion.


Discussed approaches from an extension developer perspective

  • Add data attributes via HTML Helper.
  • Use new inline editable form fields.
  • Use a standard template defined in layouts/joomla folder and define an Inline Editing HTML service per component.


Discussed approaches to transfer the data to the JavaScript for making an Ajax request

  • Create a mini-form per inline editable element.
  • Add data attributes per inline editable element.
  • Create an object containing necessary information per component. Map it to a randomly generated class. Add that class to the inline editable elements.


The next step is to test each approach in different use cases. Then finalize one approach.