By Private Profile 92fe67b0 on 2016-07-22 11:34 in GSoC 16 Browser automated tests

Meeting was attended by: Javier Gomez, Prital Patel, Yves Hoppe, Niels Braczek




## Presentation and review on the work Prital has done during the last week


- [issue #45] Send PR for Create a constant for waiting times 



- [issue #46] preparing a draft guide for when to use Given, when and Then 


- Help to joomla-marketing-visuals project for Image translation in Hindi language 


- Test the joomla-cms PR for PHP-CS-Fixer 


- I have checked Users, Content, Category, Access Group and levels.


- Test the joomla-cms PR for Admin app - Use the autoloader 


I have tested it using automatic test suits which I have created to test content and user feature. All were successful after applying this patch. Created video for this tests here 


- Updated 



## Tasks for next week


- Prioritize items at #35 and think on more

- Implement #44 (User frontend scenarios) in pages and steps


Next meeting


Next meeting is on Thursday, July 14th, 2016, at 14:00 (UTC / GMT)