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Marketing Team 2013 Planning Meeting Agenda  

Friday November 22nd 2013. Time TBA

Please see here for the meeting time in your timezone



Members of the marketing chat… Add your name if you plan to attend or remove it if you are not going to be able to make it

Chris Nielsen [CN]

Ruth Cheesley [RC]

Duke Speer [DS]

Paul Orwig [PO]

Jess Dunbar [JD]

Beat [BB]

Mark Bender [MB]


(Please feel free to add any additional items below before meeting )

3.2 Launch campaign unfinished work add list  of todos

Overall Focus of the Group - Mission Statement (5 minutes)

Timeline of activities - what are the next milestone dates we should be concerned with? (5 minutes)


Tasks outstanding from 3.2 launch

New blog to be written to credit those involved with marketing 3.2.  Sander following up with Hung for the landing page.  [JD]

Marketing materials to be translated - RC to put in touch with Marijke to push this out to translation teams [RC]

Aims and mission of the group

Form an official working group of 10-12 people which feeds into leadership (representatives from each LT on the group) that draws upon an expanded Marketing Advisory Group for resources.  

See document for further info, aim/mission:

The purpose of the marketing working group is to raise awareness of the Joomla CMS and Framework within the Joomla community and around the world.

Produce a call for members on [RC & JD]  

First two parts of this document are OK - clarify the rest of the document in a subsequent hangout.

Upcoming dates

Framework launch on 1st December - all to support Parth Lawate in marketing but need blog posts, marketing collateral.

26th November - Targeted release date for 2.5.17 and 3.2.1 - need positive communication about issues which have been resolved - JD to liaise with developers, DS to assist

Action Items

Write new blog post outlining the people involved with marketing for 3.2 release [JD]

Get in touch with translation teams to ensure that marketing materials are available in as many languages as possible [RC]

Write a call for nominations/suggestions for the Marketing Working Group on [RC]

Support Parth Lawate in marketing for the forthcoming release of the Framework [ALL]

Prepare marketing materials for the next minor release (scheduled for 26th November at present) [JD]

Next Meeting Agenda Items (Scheduled for Nov. 29th)

Action items, goals and initiatives - ( 20 minutes )

Style Guide Updated - Include Badges

add list  of todos

Who will lead this?

Media kit for releases

add list  of todos

Who will lead this?

Social Strategy and associated content 

add list  of todos

Who will lead this?

Video for 3.5 release  - Storyboard and marketing highlights

add list  of todos

Who will lead this?

Getting deemed as an official working group sanctioned by the leadership team

add list  of todos

Who will lead this?

Roles and Responsibilities - Humans leading specific initiatives that this team will take on (10 minutes)

Define our talent pool - Identify whom brings what skills or org credentials to the table

Have a web space to give credit to the volunteers - (until Volunteer portal is live)

Marketing RFP- Impact and impact of timeline (10 Minutes) [RFP link]