By Private Profile c2c37887 on 2014-12-03 17:35 in Resource Directory Team

Today eight of us met to discuss a diverse and detailed agenda.

We started with reviewing the approvals progress. The JRD has been extremely successful since its launch with approximately 350 applications. Our team is working as quickly as possible to approve applicants from oldest to newest and/or contact applicants who need to provide more information. The approval process usually takes 15 minutes per applicant and we have 98 outstanding to review.

Deb has built a plugin with her team at Polished Geek to expediate the process by generating a ticket automatically when a new applicant submits their application. This will likely save about five minutes per approval. This should be live within the week.

On other news, Ryan will be preparing a newsletter to communicate with everyone in the community our progress, success and provide an update.

Dawn and Soren will be working with the JED to see if there are ways that we can unify our design approach for the two directories so there is a visual consistancy on the Joomla! platform.

Ron is working closely with a few different translations teams to get the JRD into Spanish, Portugeuse, and French.

Brian has updated us on the state of approvals and will be hosting an approval process working group next Wednesday, December 10th. Please signup if you'd like to volunteer by clicking the "Get Involved" tab.