By Karen Dunne on 2017-11-21 16:25 in Resource Directory Team

Brian Mitchell attended the Joomla World Conference to be involved in discussion with the operations team. Topics included tool sets across Joomla properties, leveraging the work that other teams may already be doing effectively, defining the focus of the individual teams and what’s next.  

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Report from Brian about JWC

  2. How do JRD listings add showcase sites; separately or part of their listing? At the moment, it looks like a user needs to create a separate login within the to submit a site. Is this correct? - answered by Saeed, yes

  3. Question regarding reports and the newsfeed, see and - moved to Dec. 5 meeting, or could be answered offline.


Joomla World Conference

Brian’s main reason for attending JWC was to be involved in the operations group.

  • The recent restructuring of Joomla organization (see  has brought some areas into focus, such as the tool choices used on the Joomla property. Want to have same tool set across teams to simplify maintenance. This can also create opportunities to leverage the work that teams are doing effectively and share that among other teams.

  • Single sign on will be implemented for all Joomla sites, but it is not something that the JRD would need to implement.

  • Discussion about subjective vs. objective review of submissions. The showcase directory team has had this discussion and concluded that it is not their job to subjectively place a quality filter on the submission. If the minimum requirements are met, the submission is approved. JRD intends to take the same approach; it’s not our job to be the quality filter.

  • What to do when the work that a company is doing is cannot be public, e.g. development behind the scenes? Need to provide a way for people to demonstrate their work if it is not publicly visible while keeping the approvals streamlined. This may require a manual review for those who work behind the scenes.


What’s the next step?

Need to layout road map for where to go from here?

  1. Move forward on proof of concept that Rowan put forward - , or

  2. Survey users: Spend the time to gather input from users instead of putting out a solution and then get feedback. Want to do things with thought and care, put users as part of the process, rather than push out a solution that the users have not had input


Essential items that must be on JRD

  1. Listings

  2. Ticket system

  3. Plugin for Badges

  4. Plugin that connects the listing with the ticket system


Could we pull these things out incrementally, e.g. keep ticketing system while listings are built out in new system?


Main take away:

How can we support our site creators/integrators? This is a business focus directive and strategic vision. The JRD exist to drive leads to site creators. And the JRD exist to…?


On the call:

  1. Brian

  2. Karen

  3. Saeed

  4. Deb


Next meeting:

December 5, 2017


JRD Team Meeting - Tuesday, November 21, 2017 | notes taken by Karen Dunne