By Karen Dunne on 2017-12-05 15:47 in Resource Directory Team

The JRD team is developing a user survey to gather input as we work toward improvements to the JRD platform.



Survey questions in development


Who is the audience?

  • Existing list (300-400) and web users of the JRD


Two surveys:

  • one by email to users and providers

  • one web survey for those who are surfing the JRD

  • Ask those from the web to self identify so we can’t limit double survey


Purpose of JRD?

  • Help people use Joomla, lead generation, etc?

  • Make it easy to use Joomla

  • If JRD was used as lead generation, should a form exist that a user could contact a resource directly from the JRD?

  • Joomla’s target is website creators

  • How can the JRD support website creators?

  • If the JRD is supporting website creators, then it’s best to provide them business and leads


Goal overall

  • What’s working

  • What’s not working

  • What they got from leads

  • How can we help them make the resources more effective


Ask to rank these in order of importance, of the items we are thinking of building/offering

  • geo search

  • lead generation form

  • link to showcase directory and back

  • link to volunteers portal

  • link to certifications


JRD already requires submission of two sites that are built w Joomla, then a next step could be asking the JRD listing whether they want to add those sites to the showcase (or vice versa). This will leverage cross connecting between joomla properties;


On the call:

  1. Brian

  2. Thilo

  3. Karen

  4. Deb


Next meeting:


December 19, 2017