By Karen Dunne on 2018-02-20 15:21 in Resource Directory Team

Reviewed the survey configuration and discussed whether to send the survey to all user accounts or to registered business listings.


  • Survey Status
  • Submission review status

Survey Status

  • 2,000+ users on the JRD (created an account)
  • 398 approved business listings
  • 650 potential business listings (applications)
  • ACY Mailing is set up and ready to send out - should we send it out to all users or only to those who have an approved listing? We could send it in such a way that we segregate the survey so we know which group is filling it out, e.g. holds an account, approved, applications. Make two surveys so that the survey that goes to applicants has a question as “You have a valid account on our system but you do not have a registered listing in our system. Please share with us why”
  • Sending it out today. March 6 deadline, reminder on Feb. 27. 

Status of submission review

  • 13 listings awaiting review, oldest is Jan 18

GDPR - Brian provided an update about the ops team addressing the GDPR


On the call:

  1. Brian
  2. Karen
  3. Deb

Next meeting: During Joomla Day Florida, then March 20

JRD Team Meeting - Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - notes taken by Karen Dunne