By Karen Dunne on 2018-03-20 15:36 in Resource Directory Team

The survey was sent out to the contacts who have approved listings on the JRD.


  • Survey Status and Results
  • Submission review status
  • Turn around standards
  • New team member
  • Review of Roles

Survey Status

  • Survey was sent out yesterday, March 19, 2018
  • Reason that it took longer than planned to send out the survey: It was very cumbersome to data export because Zoo stores the data is in a json string
  • When Zoo does a CSV export it puts everything in one parameter string. It was a very manual process to separate the 2000 users from the approved listings, and we wanted to send the survey to the approved listings only (first)
  • 100 of 400 did not have an email addresses listed with them
  • We have 27 of 300 responses in 24 hours
  • Want to send to the remaining 1600

Survey results to date (one day)

  • We reviewed the preliminary results and will wait to decide on how we want to move forward from the feedback.

Status of submission review

  • Current backlog = 19 sites awaiting review from January 18, 2018.

Turn around standards

  • We are around 30-60 days on turn around and want to tighten up our turn around times, but the folks who are working on the submissions are not on the call today so we will discuss during next meeting. 


  • Brian, team lead
  • Deb, co-lead
  • Karen, scribe 
  • Stefan, submission review/approvals
  • Saeed, submission review/approvals
  • Thilo, does not have a designated role but has expressed interest in being on the team

New Team Member

  • Welcome Richard Sparks! Richard is interested in learning about the submission review to see if that will be a good fit.

On the call:

  1. Brian
  2. Karen
  3. Deb
  4. Richard

Next meeting:

April 3, 2018


JRD Team Meeting - Tuesday, March 20, 2018 - notes taken by Karen Dunne