By David Jardin on 2017-05-04 12:05 in Security Strike Team

Standard Operating Procedures:

Action items from the last meeting have not been completed yet, moving to the next meeting.

Assistant Team Lead:

Tobias has been elected as the Assistant Team Lead of the JSST.

Trimming the team to active contributors:

As discussed during the last meeting, David asked a number of rather inactive team members how they see their current and future involvement and received three sorts of feedback:

a) "I'm monitoring what's happening"

b) "You are right, I'll leave"

c) "You are right, I'll be more active again"

The team agreed that it favours active contribution over “monitoring” and David will pass this opinion back to the relevant members.

Cooperation with web security company:

A web company providing services for well-known web applications, suggested a close cooperation between us a security team and them. The team discussed possible ways of cooperations and David will get back to them to discuss the topic further.

CI setup

Yves will work out a simple CI setup for the security repo based upon our Drone instance.