By Tushar Malik on 2021-09-05 04:49 in Summer 2021 CronJobs

Tasks Accomplished

  • Support for Individual Task logging: Tasks can now log to their own unique log files besides the global Scheduler log file.
  • More Refactoring: The "Toggle Offline" task plugin is now "Site Status", the "Test Tasks" plugin is now "Demo Tasks". On a side note, the Site Status plugin is planned to be decoupled from the core before the PR goes out of draft mode.
  • Bugfixes and Cleanup: Following some really helpful code review by my mentor and other members of the community, I cleaned up some rough edges in the code style (the XMLs!!!!), unused files (layout templates), and fixed some correctness issues. At the time of writing, there's more review to be addressed that I'm holding off on until I can get the main development track going again.
  • Events on Task Exit: Tasks now fire events on Success and Failure so listeners can make use of these to hook in and take action.
  • Configure Testing Environments: I configured a Joomla! installation on a VM and on some free web hosting services to aid in testing under the conditions this project will be most useful under.

As a conclusion, this week was on the slower end but we're getting now to the phase where we try to gather feedback and ideas with the goal of getting things stable and refining behaviours to match expectations.