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Transition Team - OCT 8 '15 Meeting Notes

Meeting started 20:05 UTC


  • TJ Baker (Meeting Leader)

  • George Wilson

  • Helvecio da Silva

  • Ian MacMillan

  • Jon Neubauer

  • Ken Crowder

  • Ryan Ozimek (joined later)


Topics Discussed (Our Agenda)

  1. Go through the structure document together as a team, at least once, to make sure we are all on the same page as to what exactly we are implementing. [JN]

Each of us should go through the document and add to the list of questions (add review and add to the list of deliverables, risks, issues that will form the basis of the Project Initiation Document + add any questions to the current list (which the Structure Team have been answering)

  1. Come up with a more complete list of questions that need answered, as well as tasks that need done. [JN]

See (1 and 3).

  1. Get our action items from each section of the document this way [TJ]

Need a definitive list of deliverables as the basis for proper planning. Make sure list is complete (in a deliverable breakdown structure to help ensure we haven’t missed any). IM will work with TJ will build this list. Note one key deliverable is getting all groups registered.

List of Milestones and deliverables from the 1st Team Meeting agenda gives a good initial list. Not an exhaustive list.

  1. Project Initiation Document [IM]

    1. Present a summary to the community [TJ]

      1. Maybe each headline can have a 2-3 sentence summary that we can combine into a report? [JN]

      2. The short-form version containing the same info in table form and usually fits onto 2-3 pages (less the roles and responsibilities, which are usually a page per role). [IM]

      3. [At this point] just list them [IM]

IM stated that the template covered ALL the topics usually covered to define and plan the start of a project, and that this project could be summarized in a shorter document with less sections.

Project Initiation Document primarily for the team. Relies on defining deliverables. Create a summary public document explaining when things are gonna start changing.  If community doesn't support us, we can't do nothing.

Create list of deliverables. Top priority before getting started.

Strong planning before taking action. Pretty fast deadlines. Should we set dates? Few drafts. Speed up process. How to shift the whole organization? Stress will start pouring out. Relieve tensions. Something somewhere is about to crack. Start modelling new behaviours. Challenge.

  1. Outline plan on how to communicate with the outside world [IM]

We will present a roadmap once we have developed the project plan.

Important area: communications. IM has seen internally centered focus. Is there a benefit outside of the community? Cover in communications people on the outside world.

Channel to communicate: blog post in, volunteers portal (report). Publish a community blog post in colloquial language. What has been done and how it benefits the community as a whole? Show how to benefit. Blog posts reaches a wider audience. Roadmap, first post. You can expect an update with a simple blog post. Cross reference in communications. Let people know how and where to follow up. Helpful links sections at the bottom. Reach outside the bubble of Working Groups.

  1. Using Glip [IM]

  1. Define ‘sub-groups’ / chat rooms for keeping organized conversations about specific topics [TJ]

Working things out in it. Created Transition Team folder. Project Planning channel created.

  1. Formal direction by a Project Board and a Project Sponsor becomes an "advisory panel" headed up by Sarah (as President of OSM) to offer guidance  [IM]

Usually projects are directed by a Project Board and a Project Sponsor, but given our autonomy, we don’t have. We have to hand over to leadership once we're finished. But the current leadership will be dissolved. An advisory panel? This role is performed by Ryan, George and Guillermo. Have some guidance from the outside. Do it informally.

  1. Size of the Transition Team Project Initiation Document [JN]

Skipped as already dealt with above

  1. Roles - all supported by us collectively, and others outside the team we "co-opt" in as required.

    1. Project Manager/Team Leader - make sure the right things are getting done at the right time

IM volunteers himself with assistance from another team member (as no history within Joomla community) and JN stepped forward. Team votes to elect IM as Project Manager with JN as assistant.

TJ +1

George +1

Ian +1

Jon +1

Helvecio +1

Ken +1

Ryan +1

Guillermo 0


b. "Transition Champions" (eg the Leadership Team appointees) to engage with their part of the community and smooth the transition to new ways of working

Not formal roles….we’ll encourage adoption through engaging with people within each area of the community.

Are they people from within the team or from outside? "Transition Teams" should be an item to be looked upon from now on. Find key people to help us.

Note: Lots of issues which demand communications to a global community. What the new behaviour looks like. Show people how the new structure will work together.


c. Communication Coordinator (working with the Transition Champions)

Often a separate specialist role, but not expected to be required for this transition.


d. People to lead on the various workstreams that will fall out of the high-level plan (eg bylaw changes, the bits the Structure team left for us to complete, moving the various teams over to a new way of working, etc)

We’ll allocate responsibilities once the full list of deliverables are defined and the plan developed.

  1. Weekly reports - when do we publish them [JN]

Summary of the week. What has been worked the previous week. What will be worked on the next week. Publish the notes of the meeting on the next day. A mix of the meeting agenda and the notes of that meeting.


Any Other Business

  1. Working Groups

Less than 3 are not qualified to vote. Identify Working Groups. Define their role. Updates in the Portal. Volunteers where to go to get people to vote.

  1. Volunteer portal needs updated to record team organization - who is a team member, contributor, team leader, etc. This needs done as a record for voting.



  • IM and TJ to draw up list of deliverables as a priority  for the team to review.

  • IM and JN to work together on leading the project.


Next Meeting

Oct 15th 20:00 PM UTC


It's a wrap!