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Meeting Notes: JWC team

Date/Time: 19 April 2016 18:00 - 19:20 CET
Location: Online

Recorder: Britta Stender

In Attendance: TJ Baker, Brian Peat, Britta Stender, Mathias Jensen, Jerri Christiansen, Mike Demopoulos

Not present: Ronni Christiansen



  • Keynotes

  • Theme

  • Sponsors

  • Budget

  • JWC 17

  • Marketing

  • Website


The team have in the past month added keynote speaker ideas to the list. We went through them one by one, added a few more options and deleted a few due to the expenses.

We will aim for 6-9 keynote speakers where some of them can be panel discussions.

The lack of female speakers was discussed and we will see if we can find some more options.

Mike agreed to make a draft with a short text that can be used in order to contact the potential speakers and determine availability and costs. We will ask our new Marketing member to create a more formal one to be user later on.
Deadline for contacting potential speakers is set to May 1st.



Selection of theme idea got postponed. Hopefully our new Marketing member can help us pick the best option. Final decision will be made May 1st.



Mike presented the additional sponsor packages needed in order to reach the new budget. “Speaker” sponsorship was added by the team. The team will wait for Ronnis approval as treasurer. Mathias and Britta will have to design new icons to support the additional packages before Mike can send the adds to print (which will be needed at JAB).

Mike expressed his concern for reaching the budget if the team wishes to find sponsors other than hosting companies. The team agrees that non-hosting sponsors are preferred for diversity, however, we need to reach the budget, so hosting sponsors are better than no sponsors. There is room to allow more hosting companies as long as the balance is kept.
Mike strongly suggests to go to hostingcon, as it will be a great way to meet and greet potential sponsors. The SVG hotel points may be used to pay for part of the trip. Mike will calculate the cost of the trip for the team to give the final approval.

Mike will meet with the Chamber of Commerce, but this trip is planned after hosting con.



TJ submitted the budget as per OSM’s requirements.
We are waiting for the final approval from OSM.



Ronni and TJ have planned to meet and figure out the pros and cons for the two favourite location suggestions. The pros and cons will be presented at the next meeting. Deadline Mathias, Britta & Jerri suggest to have a final decision before the summer vacation in order to make use of the low season.

Mike reminded the team that the sponsors expect the JWC17 sponsor materials at least 2 weeks before the JWC16 conference.


The team discussed the candidates and decided to welcome Matt Lenning

to the team as the new Marketing Coordinator.

The team also agreed that Matt can send a replacement or delegate his tasks if he is not able to attend the conference.

The homepage design has been altered and completed and is awaiting implementation. Mathias + Britta will finish the rest of the design as soon as possible. Implementation deadline is set to May 23/24 by Jerri but earlier is preferred.


Jerri will research which component to use for the programme. Attendify was mentioned along with


Jerri will contact the volunteers regarding development of a conference app.

The team briefly discussed which features the app can provide which the website can’t; Showing data without internet access & saving and creating your own programme was mentioned. The app should be generic and reusable for next year. We will ask the volunteers to identify other pros of having the app.

A tweet section / social media buzz area is missing for the website as well. Mathias and Britta will make sure to incorporate it in the design.

Agenda suggestions for next meeting:

  • Todo list from last meeting

  • Review the AV purchase suggestions prepared by Brian



  • All: Find more ideas for female keynote speakers

  • Mike: Make a draft for contacting keynote speakers

  • All: Contact the keynote speakers that you suggested in order to determine availability and costs

  • All: Select the theme. Deadline May 1st.

  • Ronni: Review the suggested additional sponsor packages

  • Mathias + Britta: Deliver new sponsor icons for Mike

  • Mike: will calculate the cost for hostingcon to approval by the team

  • Ronni + TJ: Make pros and cons list for JWC17 locations

  • TJ: Will contact Matthew and welcome him onboard

  • Jerri: Research which component to use for the programme at the website

  • Jerri: Contact volunteers regarding a conference app

  • Britta + Mathias: Finish the design asap

  • Jerri: Website implementation deadline May 24th, preferably earlier.

  • Britta: Send out new doodle for a meeting mid May.


Next meeting: May 2nd 17:00 CET