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Meeting Notes: JWC team

Date/Time: 10 August 2016 17:00 - 18:40 CET
Location: Online

Recorder: Britta Stender

In Attendance: TJ Baker, Brian Peat, Britta Stender, Ronni Christiansen, Jerri Christiansen

Not present: Mathias Jensen, Mike Demopoulos, Matt Lenning



  • Review AV purchase

  • Review catering options

  • Review pre-party options

  • Agenda / schedule

  • Final vote on JWC17

  • Sponsor update

  • Marketing plan



Brian is still reviewing our options. We are waiting to hear from the hotel and the AV company. Brian will do some research on the suggested lighting rental to make sure what we actually need. Most of the gear for the ballroom will be rentals (we’re buying mics and a mixer), but we can choose to purchase everything for the breakout rooms. Purchasing used equipment was discussed. We decided to place the projectors on stands rather than trusses in the breakout rooms to keep the cost down. Brian will look into digital signs in the setup as well. Check with Mike if we had some extra budget on charging table sponsor.


Review catering options

TJ and Mike have been discussing catering options with the hotel and suggested a plan.

Gratuity was not discussed when the contract was signed, so it’s more expensive than we thought.

Tj, Ronni, Mike will review and finalize menus.

Review pre-party options

Ronni suggested 3 different places, from those one of them was an obvious choice. A few minutes walk from the hotel.

The team discussed the option of selling tickets to the pre-party. No final decision was made.

Ronni will confirm the reservation now to ensure the space.


Agenda / schedule

We are still waiting to hear from the last keynote. Jerri will receive the answer in a few hours.

It was suggested to keep the welcome short and then continue the first day with a great keynote speaker. No final decision was made.


Final vote on JWC17

The team has discussed the options and a decision has been made.


Sponsor update

New sponsors has been signed. TJ and Mike will go to Vancouver by the end of the month and meet with some local businesses. Hopefully we will get a few more sponsors and local outreach.


Marketing plan
Postponed. Matt not present.


Topics discussed, not present on the agenda:



Website needs were discussed and todos assigned.


Meeting hours

Going back to weekly meetings.

Every other week could be a different time so that all team members can join once in awhile.



  • Jerri: Finish the website, update the texts and get it live

  • Matt: Help Jerri with the about page text etc.

  • Mathias: Finish the conference banners

  • Brian: Finish AV setup, discuss charging sponsor budget with Mike

  • Brian: Get confirmation from this year's AV volunteers, alternatively look for new ones

  • Tj, Ronni, Mike: Review the catering options as per the team's input

Agenda suggestions for next meeting:

  • Review the AV purchase suggestions prepared by Brian

  • Review the catering options

  • Review the final agenda / schedule structure and form a committee with responsibility thereof

  • Go over the marketing plan


Next meeting: August 17th 14:00 CET