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Participants: Ruth Cheesley, Dianne Henning, Peter Bui, Sander Potjer, David Jardin

Absent: Guillermo Bravo, Alice Grevet

Abbreviation Guide:


The CLT thanked Dianne Henning for her work with the CLT and the Joomla project as a whole, and discussed arrangements that needed to be put in place to facilitate a smooth handover of her roles.  Dianne has provided all the details for the team to make arrangements, and budget line items will be reassigned to the appropriate CLT members.  


David Jardin will take over as CLT Liaison to the events team, and discussions will be had internally to appoint the relevant members to other teams in the coming week.


JED [Sander Potjer]:

Contract work has been completed on the JED, and the team are now working on opening up to community contributors - the JED team are working on a process for this.



A CLT liaison needs to be appointed to facilitate communication with forum moderators, Olaf Offick and Peter Martin are current contacts in the interim. site

This is in the process of being migrated and updated, the JUG directory is the main factor - more later on progress.



The migration of the magazine has been delayed slightly as Randy Carey was in an accident and has had to take time out for recovery - CLT wished him well with his recovery.  Babs Gosgens has been working on the template design which was provided by Chiara Aliotta-Baras, this is progressing well and is currently being tested by the accessibility and UI/UX team members.


The magazine is short of articles for issues and would value contributions from CLT members on any topics, even shorter articles.  Please could each member plan to write one article for the next edition.



The directory redesign project is progressing and an early alpha was shared with CLT.  Discussions were had around the use of a helpdesk and how this could be made availalbe as a central point of call instead of multiple helpdesks across multiple websites.  This is something to consider going forward.


Ruth Cheesley suggested that a short sprint may help to move things forward with the JUG Directory, it would be Europe-based as most of the active team members who are contributing are based in the UK/Europe.  CLT suggested a budget request be prepared if this is to go ahead.


The JUG team have been working exceptionally hard over the past few months and Jennifer Gress has been doing a great job working through all the new JUG registrations from Italy, as well as onboarding new JUG team members.  Jenn will be stepping down as team lead in November and a replacement team lead will need to be appointed before then - Ruth Cheesley will liaise with the team and facilitate putting out a call if a team lead isn’t appointed from within the team.


The JUG team have revised the terms of service for posting in the JUG Directory, CLT were asked to review and adopt the new document.  Team members will review in the coming days.



CLT discussed the forthcoming Joomla World Conference and will be holding a meeting around the event.  Ruth Cheesley will prepare a spreadsheet for the team to specify their anticipated expenses so that a budget request can be made if funds are available to support a meeting.


Ruth Cheesley also reminded the team that the call for speakers closes on the 15th August and sessions should therefore be submitted urgently - she will create a google doc to keep track of CLT sessions.

Soren Beck-Jensen is leading the redesign project for, Peter Bui is on the team and Sander Potjer will join to ensure the team have access to all resources.


An issue tracker has been created on Github or people to report problems with the websites - this has been pretty successful and is allowing people to get involved and help to identify and resolve issues.



David Jardin reported that the showcases site is coming along and the team are now looking to move the sandbox over to Rochen


Volunteer portal

Sander Potjer reported that there will be a new update to the Volunteers Portal in the coming days - mostly bug fixes.  He will also be in touch with Chris Davenport regarding investigating Single Sign On.


CLT members

Sander Potjer will prepare a call for members, make it clear that the team may reform pending the structure changes.



Ruth Cheesley to organise meeting with Rod Martin and MWG to discuss the Sensis contract.



Peter Bui will update the CLT internal budget spreadsheet with latest expenditure.  Decisions register to be kept up to date whenever we vote on anything via the mailing list.