By Private Profile 0adfdec2 on 2016-04-19 00:00 in Community Leadership Team

Participants: Ruth Cheesley, Peter Bui, David Jardin

Apologies: Sander Potjer, Guillermo Bravo


Abbreviation Guide:


  1. JED

    1. The latest release has PHP7 support, extension developers are being encouraged to ensure that their extensions support it

  2. JRD

    1. No update was available from Guillemo this month

  3. JTD

    1. No update was available from David this month

  4. Forum

    1. Upgrade in progress with new responsive themes - see emails.

  5. CJO

    1. Migration almost complete, waiting on user migration script

    2. Need to align with Showcase project launch

    3. Need to ensure rewrites are in place before launching

  6. JCM

    1. Migration moving ahead, will have a phased approach

      1. Phase 1 - Migrate to Joomla 3, apply new design to current system (K2)

      2. Phase 2 - Move to core Joomla with JFields from K2

      3. It is hoped that Phase 1 will deploy with May’s edition.

  7. JUGs

    1. Migration (see #5) going ahead.

  8. Events

    1. No update available this month from David


    1. Redesign process going well, hope to soon be in final UI/UX testing before launching.  Pete to reach out to Soren (team lead) for an update on timescales

  10. Showcase

    1. Nearing completion


  1. Shop

    1. Ongoing work on this, but no update available this month.

  2. Volunteer portal

    1. Major roadblock for transition team, updates requested 1 March.  We need to get the changes deployed asap

    2. Can we move the code base to Github, raise issues and allow others to contribute?

    3. Peter is in contact with Sarah, Ronni and George and Sander in regards to getting what needs to be done.

  3. Social

    1. No updates currently, Pete can access the social@ account should it be needed.

  4. Transition process

    1. Waiting on volunteer portal, see #12

  5. New CLT members

    1. Everyone is to write a list of what we do. Dot point all the things so we can pass on to the next group of people that are going to take over.

    2. Work out where that task fits into the the new structure.

    3. Look for potential people that can help take on the tasks.

  6. Project email accounts

    1. Created a form to standardise & track the process to be used by all team/project leads and leadership in requesting new accounts.

    2. Would be good to put together some kind of guidance on using the email accounts - signatures, proper/acceptable use - RC to lead on this

    3. Would be sensible to enable two factor authentication for official email addresses? We think yes, but need to fully communicate and provide point of contact if there are problems post-enabling.

    4. Can we set up better organisation of accounts, some kind of process for suspending accounts which are inactive - guidelines on how long, process for unsuspending, etc.

      1. Pete pointed out that some people do not log in, but instead forward their project email to their personal email.  These may be suspended inadvertently due to lack of activity so provide a route for people to request re-enabling of their account

  7. Budget

    1. Submitted on time, but OSM are waiting for PLT’s budget so we haven’t had a response yet.

    2. Vic Drover will review our submissions and flag anything that seems missing or needing attention

    3. Queries around the JET team budget as both JWC and JAB have their own programmes now. To discuss further with OSM/Events team.

  8. GSOC

    1. Pete is working on a GSOC project addressing front-end accessibility, looks like there will be a candidate for the project.