By Private Profile 0adfdec2 on 2016-02-24 00:00 in Community Leadership Team

Participants: Sander Potjer, David Jardin, Guillermo Bravo


Absent: Ruth Cheesley, Peter Bui


Abbreviation Guide:


  1. JED

    1. No update was available at this meeting

  2. JRD - CLT Liaison - Guillermo Bravo

    1. Guillermo was a bit out of the loop due to being absent since his accident - he will get in touch with the team again and identify how things are going/whether support is needed

  3. JTD

    1. There is no update at present

  4. Forum

    1. The forum had a couple of issues, and was updated recently (PHP)

  5. site

    1. Migration

      1. Work has been done by Rowan, in progress

      2. Sander is going to provide input on the Google Doc to get things moving forward

  6. JCM

    1. Migration to Joomla 3 is in progress

    2. Guillermo will talk with Dianne and Alice and Jacques to check the migration state and if there’s something we can help from the spanish edition.

  7. JUG’s

    1. Migration, see 5

  8. Events

    1. Team meeting at JDUK

      1. Topic 1: Migrating the EJO into main site, this is a work in progess

      2. Topic 2: There have been some difficulties with events in the Italian community which are being mediated by the events team - support has been offered.

    2. JET

      1. Team requested a budget of 12600$ consisting of money that was left from the old budget and the emergency budget for 2016. Money will be used for a JET for JAB. Budget is approved by CLT with the votes of Sander, Guillermo and David


    1. no update available at this meeting

  10. Showcases [David]

    1. No update, David is going to contact Sebastien to ask for an update on progress


  1. Volunteer Portal

    1. Updates requested by Transition Team, by March 1 - Sander to communicate

  2. LinkedIn & Facebook

    1. email account? Who’s in charge of this email account?

B. Other


  1. Transition Team

    1. Can anyone of us join the meeting?

  2. New CLT-members

    1. Until transition it wouldn’t make sense to appoint new members.