By Ruth Cheesley on 2016-01-20 00:00 in Community Leadership Team

Participants: Ruth Cheesley, Peter Bui, Sander Potjer, David Jardin


Absent:Guillermo Bravo


Abbreviation Guide:

A. Progress Overview of CLT managed sub-sites:

  1. JED

    1. GPL - some issues have arisen with regards to the number of extension installs being tracked and whether this is in line with GPL.  Also there are some concerns about developers who are enforcing this.  Concerns being addressed by the team.

    2. There is a route for people to get involved with contributing to the JED now.

    3. DJ asked if the JED has been open sourced yet on Github, SP replied that it’s not on Github yet, an agreement has to be signed before contributions are accepted.  Anyone interested can get involved through that route.  There are discussions about how to take this forward with opening up the source code further which are being discussed - some elements are used to prevent malicious or fraudulent activity so those aspects could not be made public.

    4. There need to be enough resources to support people getting involved and contributing - so the workflows and processes are currently being tested in a controlled way before throwing open the doors to all.

  2. JRD - CLT Liaison - Guillermo Bravo

    1. No update

  3. JTD

    1. To be integrated into the JED once some of the major issues are resolved.  This would be a ‘phase two’ once the workflows are set up and the team have resolved some of the structural issues/blockers.

  4. Forum

    1. No update received

  5. site

    1. Sander is meeting up with Rowan at JDUK to look at what is left to move forward.

    2. Suggestion is to move all the content over to - do some redirects but leave the JUG directory where it is for now.

    3. SP will speak with PLT about this and decide on how best to do this

  6. JCM

    1. Migration to Joomla 3

      1. Pete - no update available at the moment

  7. JUG’s

    1. Directory progress - work done to date was shared with CLT who reviewed the sandbox site - Rowan to meet with Sander at JDUK to discuss further.

    2. Team lead - Jenn has stepped down and RC is running the team .  RC will pose question to the team about leader role, and if no interest will put out a call for nominations.

  8. Events

    1. New team members are pretty motivated, training in progress

    2. Events team meeting at JDay UK

    3. We had 2 conflicting events in Italy, seems like they are having general conflicts within the community.

      The Italian community has had a long history of conflict and disagreements, commercial conflicts of interest and so forth.

      The JUG team also dealt with significant volumes of registrations following an event, and many of these were inappropriate. Each one had to be screened manually and a lot of work was done to establish which were bona-fide JUGs.

      Sarah Watz attended an event last year and the year before - good point of call to see if we can help there, or if any past mediation/facilitation has been attempted.

      DJ to email Sarah and follow up with this.  The actual issue is solved but it would be good to have the community more united/connected.


    1. Soren Beck-Jensen leading the team to redesign & update the site

      1. Visuals were shared with CLT of progress to date.  Currently in the review stage, the team are identifying aspects from the submitted designs and pulling together a proposed design.

  10. Showcases [David]

    1. Work in progress, Sebastian almost done with the site and looking for contact point regarding adsense.


  1. Volunteer Portal

    1. Rolling out the next version hopefully before JDUK - getting involved in teams will be easier, positions which require a volunteer can be created, amongst others!

  2. LinkedIn & Facebook

    1. Pete - no update available.

B. Other

  1. Revoking access to vault

    1. We need a workflow/process to allow members of the LT to revoke access easily - also to transfer the credentials to other people if needed.  

      RC to follow up with Brad Baker and arrange for the credentials to be transferred/account to be revoked + easier workflow.

  2. Code of Conduct

    1. Follow up with Pete about progress on ombudsman, also about what the transition team want re. code of conduct work.

  3. Call for new CLT members?

    1. Need an update on transition team - if it’s going to complete in next few months then hold off but otherwise may need to recruit. - Pending feedback from Pete.

C. Communication / Blog posts


D. Budget Update (Peter Bui)


  1. Pete is working through calling out to groups and finding out what people need for the coming year with regards to budget, and if it will fit within what we have available.

    Same sub-headings from last year, most of it we covered in our CLT summit so we have done a lot already.

    Need to do a call to the teams to have their budget submitted - maybe have a form they can complete to simplify the process.

  2. Form international division as part of the transition team.  Pete is contacting everyone and nominating who will be the lead from each international team. An announcement would be good - Pete will speak to Mike about this and will catch up with the transition team about where things are going post-Christmas.