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Participants: Sander Potjer, Olaf Offick, Ruth Cheesley, Guillermo Bravo, Dianne Henning, Alice Grevet, David Jardin

Absent: Brad Baker, Isidro Baquero, Peter Bui, Peter Martin

Abbreviation Guide:

Agenda Items & minutes:

A. Progress Overview of CLT managed sub-sites:

1. JED

    • JED Doc migration sprint budget request $ 1100
      A documentation sprint would produce all of the documentation for end users and those with extension listings. Everything on the new JED needs to be documented. Much easier to make progress in face-to-face meetings.

    • JED 3 Update
      The team is working hard to resolve the latest issues. The launch was pushed from November 7 to later this month. The team is working hard, but a wide range of bugs has been reported. A maximum of them will be fixed before the launch.

2. JCM

  • Multi-lingual update:
    Ron van Schaik has tested a German version on the sandbox and is working on documentation for all multilingual groups. He is ready to start adding members of the German team to get them oriented with the translation tool.

    Target for launch: December 1

  • Migration Update
    There will be a meeting this week about migrating the magazine site from K2 to Joomla core, and also including accessibility as a priority in the new site.

  • Social login on the magazine?
    A social login has been discussed in the past. It is being used on the JED and seems to be working well. A central login for all websites is in line with our goals for next year.

3. JUG's

  • The JUG session at the JWC was successful, with a proposal for supporting Spanish-speaking JDay events with a JUG team rep to fuel more JUG creations. To keep travel costs as low as possible, the rep would be the closest person to the event.

  • Development of JUG directory
    Peter started a JUG directory on Github, ( but it has stalled. Some dev time is being donated to help move it forward, so that the migration of can move forward. Ruth has a list of requirements for the site. The status will be communicated via email. 


  • Proposal for sprints to update & migrate
    This was prompted by discussions at JWC after a wireframe session. Dianne will circulate her notes from the meeting.

5. Volunteer Portal

  • First version launched at JWC

    Groups are forming on the portal, with people joining every day. Good feedback in the first weeks which is contributing to some changes.

    At the moment sub group listings aren’t available, but it’s possible.

    Make sure your working group & team members are listed there. We all need to reach out to our working groups to complete the team info on the portal.

B. Other

  1. Goals / Budget 2015

    The CLT goals for 2015 need some revision to be more time-based and measurable. The goals need to fit the budget sheet. The goal objectives should be submitted by the end of the week. Budget numbers don’t have to be submitted yet, but they to need to tie in to the goals.

    Objectives are the specific things we are going to do for each goal item. They are concrete tasks and projects that fit under the goals. Goals = vision; objectives = practical implementation.

    Dianne and Ruth will help Olaf move the objectives to the corresponding goals and rephrase them if necessary.