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Participants: Peter Martin, Sander Potjer, Olaf Offick, Dianne Henning, Peter Bui, Alice Grevet, David Jardin

Absent: Brad Baker, Isidro Baquero, Guillermo Bravo, Ruth Cheesley

Abbreviation Guide:

Agenda Items & minutes:

A. Progress Overview of CLT managed sub-sites:

  1. JED

    1. New JED website launched

      1. Issues can be reported on
        Bugs are being fixed.

      2. JED team restructuring coming up.

  2. JCM

    1. German and Polish magazine sections are making slow progress – some plugins needed updating.

    2. Migration Team - the design has been further defined and construction has begun.

      What is needed now:

      1. Github repository - contact Michael Babker.

      2. Sandbox for developing - already set up.

  3. Volunteer Portal

    1. Where to put it in Joomla menu?
      Put it under Community & Support / Connect. Also add a hyperlink and reword “Get involved with Joomla” in the same menu.

B. Other


  1. CLT - Joomla! - End of Term - Self Evaluation (Sander, Isidro, Olaf, Peter M, Brad). Alice will schedule end of term interviews in January.

  1. Budget 2015 Status
    Everything has been submitted.

  2. CLT Meeting Minutes publication (also older ones?)

    Publish back minutes on CLT team page in the Volunteer Portal.

  3. Joomla! Diversity Program - JDP

    • Lead by Guillermo, a “manifesto” has been created and is being tweaked now.
      The idea is that we have our own "Joomla! Diversity" group, through which we can present our own experience regarding the integration of the LGBT community to Joomla as an organization.

    • This includes interviews, event presentations "Joomla! Diversity" within JUG's and the presence of Joomla in related events such as or

  4. Education Outreach working group
    New group initiative. Find out the status for inclusion in CLT budget & goals.