By Luca Marzo on 2018-10-25 10:02 in Board of Directors

Open Source Matters, Inc.
Full Board of Directors and Officers Meeting

Date: October 18, 2018
Time: 17:00 UTC
Total time of meeting: 1 hour.


Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall (President), Alexander Metzler (Vice President), Luca Marzo (Secretary), Jason E Rosenbaum (Treasurer), Djamel Kherbi (Director), Yves Hoppe (Director), Hugh Douglas Smith (Director).


George Wilson (Director), Sandra Decoux (Director), Viktor Vogel (Director).

Discussion outline


  • Some face to face time is needed especially in Production. Working to help get this achieved in the next few months.  We also need a more general summit to get some cohesion and I am working on that too. With JoomlaDay Italy, Germany, Madrid and JooStock, there are a lot of opportunities for people to get together we need to get people talking again.


  • Transferred about 90% of recurring billing to new debit card.

  • Will be transferring funds from Business Checking 2 to Business Checking 1 before end of the month, leaving min balance in Business Checking 2 of $5k.

  • There is one outstanding reimbursement issue.

Legal & Finance Department

  • Trademark Team switched back to RSTickets for ticket management due to several issues with the previous ticket system. Claire Mandville is clearing the ticket queue.

  • Capital Team is working on new sponsors for Joomla 4 Release.

Events Department

  • There is nothing really new for events, the Global Joomla! Event Fund work is on progress, Jason Nickerson shared with me the resources that the Capital Team have been worked so far.  

  • Archiving African Joomla Conference Working Group, this team is marked as “in formation” for years without progress.

Operations Department

  • Hugh reported about department activities.

  • Template Directory Team is inactive.

Vice President

  • JoomlaDay Spain (Madrid) and JoomlaDay Germany (Nuremberg) are confirmed. In the respective lectures, Alexander will deal especially with the "togetherness" in the community and try to bind and inspire young Joomlers. Furthermore, Alexander would like to encourage the audience to get together for professional projects and to get bigger orders on the market, as the tasks become more and more complex.


  • Reminder of trademark renewal deadline for Philippines and Japan.

  • Got access to CompuMark Trademark service to monitor new domain name registrations.

  • Post a Call for Volunteers to recruit Incorporation Specialists, in order to proceed with the re-incorporation project.

  • The Board discussed about migration out of JoomlaCode issue.

  • Breach of the Code of Conduct (CoC) report received.

  • Luca shared some ombudsman services in order to evaluate outsourcing the ombudsman role.

Motions taken during this meeting

#2018/084 - Jason proposes the Board vote to approve a reimbursement request. The expenses are for November of 2017, yet weren’t submitted for reimbursement until September 2018. This violates our reimbursement policy as we ask for submissions within 60 days of expenses.
Proposed by Jason Rosenbaum, seconded by Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall.
The motion failed unanimously.

#2018/085 - Convert “Template Directory Team” in a Working Group, without voting rights, due to lack of volunteers and activity. The group would be converted again into a regular team when there will be new activity and team members.
Proposed by Luca Marzo, seconded Sandra Decoux
Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall decided to abstain being a team member. Jason Rosenbaum abstained.
The motion passed by majority.

#2018/086 - The Secretary proposes to adjourn the meeting
Proposed by Luca Marzo, seconded by Hugh Douglas-Smith.
The motion passed with unanimous consent.

Motions taken offline before this meeting

#2018/083 - Approve and publish the Board Meeting Minutes.
Proposed by Luca Marzo, seconded by Djamel Kherbi.
The motion passed with unanimous consent.