By Philip Walton on 2021-07-05 21:21 in Marketing & Communication

Marketing and Communication Departments Meeting 2021/06/29 15:00 

In attendance

Alison Meeks, Andrew Barber, Sandra Decoux, Vikas Pisal, Stacey Cox, Josean Telleria, Phil Walton

The simple agenda was

  1. Introduction

  2. Tasks to add to the RC releases

  3. Resources needed

  4. Additional marketing outside of RC releases

  5. Other channels of communications


 Introductions were kept to a minimum to allow more time for the main topics.

Tasks to add to the RC releases.

There seemed to be the consensus that we need the interest to be injected back into the release.
With the long lead up and several false starts, developers and the community have been slow to think this is really it. Recently the momentum was changing and the marketing team needed to create more buzz in the lead up to the stable release.

With the release of J4 we are highlighting different areas in J4 and these areas needs to be highlighted.

Charities use Joomla and they have a large reach, we should liaise with our charity contacts to get the message out.

Resources needed

It was discussed that although more money for promotions would help, that people and hours are the main resources the project needs.

We hoped the VET could help to find more talent.

Rather than people joining teams, which is not always possible because of time commitments, we need a directory of those willing to give a few hours time for specific joomla tasks. The directory would record their talents and what time commitment they were willing and able to do and then if we needed a new logo or the CSS of a marketing page optimised we could contact the talent pool and get that specific job done. Its not a new idea but one that needs to be put into action. General agreement was that it was a way forward and good idea.

Phil to progress the idea with VET team.

Next we discussed the idea of a “Jokes pool” 

In comedy there are groups of writers who pool the jokes for the comedians. We need a similar concept for the social media team to provide relevant time insensitive snippets of information to feed the teams and allow them to have a more constant feed if facts about Joomla.

Additional marketing outside of RC releases

We then went on to talk of important events in the joomla calendar and the need to make more of the birthday, 17th August. How more needs to be made of it and our core beliefs Joomla4All

Also the topic of the sponsors and how we should do more for them.

Phil mentioned that as a JUG organiser he was not aware of all the sponsors of Joomla and he would be very happy to give them a shout at every meeting. This boost amplified over all the JUGS would give higher prominence to the sponsors profiles in Joomla. They could even be a resource for talks and material in the JUGS

Phil to take it up with events and JUGS

We then talked about better liaison between all the teams. Marketing and communication needs to have the heads up to be effective in all the teams. If things are not communicated as soon as possible then lead times are often too short to be effective..

Other channels of communications

Andrew then introduced the idea of a PR list after looking at several commercial software solutions. 

There was discussion of marketing personas and where we thought our best target markets were. 

We moved onto the GSOC blogs and what templates should be used. We also discussed one of the student blogs and how inspirational it was

We ended the meeting with comments on the way the social media and the marketing channels are in constant communication and generally very positive communication which engendered a good workplace and helped foster cooperation amongst the members.

The meeting was exactly an hour.

I would like to thank all who gave up their valuable time to contribute and make the discussion worthwhile.