Philip Walton

United Kingdom

I'm Phil, been working with computers and IT for over 40 years. Starting in the 70's I wrote my first programs at the age of 11 when the output was via a dot matrix printer with green stripes on the paper and the input was a hole punch card. Floppy disks still a dream and cobol. fortran and pascal the languages we were learning Ive moved on a little from there and have been involved in programming robots, run a software company with several hundred sites and worked with joomla since mambo. clients have included Shell, NHS (type 2 diabetes site) and several Uk police sites.

Team Position Role Date Started
Board of Directors Officer Vice President Sep 2023
Marketing Team Member Jan 2022
Community Magazine Team Member Editorial Staff Mar 2021
Joomla! Enhancement Development Team Member Nov 2021
Google Summer of Code Joomla Team Member May 2021
Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team Member Apr 2021
Events Team Assistant Team Leader Mar 2021
CMS Release Team Member Nov 2020
PBF Organization Working Group Member Jun 2019
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Outreach Department Coordinator Apr 2022 Sep 2023
Summer 2021 Guided Tour Member Jun 2021 Sep 2021
Summer 2021 CronJobs Member Jun 2021 Sep 2021
Summer 2021 CronJobs Contributor Jun 2021 Jun 2021
GSoC 2021 Accessibility Member May 2021 Sep 2021
Marketing & Communication Department Coordinator May 2021 Apr 2022
Events Team Member Mar 2021 Mar 2021
Events Department Member Feb 2021 Mar 2021
Events Team Contributor Feb 2021 Mar 2021
Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team Contributor Dec 2020 Apr 2021
Google Summer of Code Joomla Team Team Leader Team Leader Nov 2020 May 2021
Production Department Member Aug 2016 May 2021
Joomla 4 Working Group Member Jan 2017 Mar 2019
CMS Release Team Team Leader Aug 2016 Nov 2020

After writing my own CMS type software I came across mambo and then Joomla and decided that was a better way to go.

I went to my first Joomla Day in Maidstone and soon after formed the London Joomla User Group which has been running for over a decade with monthly meetings.

Have written plugins, modules and components. Contributed to the documentation of Joomla and have lead the CMS release team for a number of years. Recently helped with the PBF (Pizza Bugs and Fun) in 2019 and run the BF@H (Bugs and Fun @Home) events


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