By George Wilson on 2018-12-17 21:49 in Production

Department Coordinator

  • New Release Lead for 3.9 and taking over Michael’s Release Lead Job is Harald Leithner
  • There was a discussion about the possibility of having a extra minor release in the 3.x series. It was voted to reject this and stick to the current plan of having 3.10 as the bridge release for Joomla 4
  • On a personal level George's priority now the backend team is going my plan (see is to start focussing on merging in staging and started with the merge in of 3.8.8 last week.
  • J4 marketing meetings have started
  • Discussions about how to refactor production to cope with many teams having vacant lead members

Automated Testing

  • Fixed testing for Joomla 4 and changed the repository settings to merge only when test are green. Worked quite well. We hadn’t had an issue with failing test based on bad merged code.
  • Started planning for Code Sprints next year. 

CMS Release Lead

  • Would like to take the change of release lead to look at the process and coordinate more with 3rd parties to push the positive facts of the release.
  • Liaised with Sandra on the 3.9.1 article proofreading and are trying to make this part of the process of release

Translation Team

  • Joomla! 3.9.1 language packs are being released
  • Still dealing with teething problems maintaining translations of two versions of Joomla! (ie. 3.x and 4.x)
  • The language "Tajik - Cyrillic" (tg-TJ) => 82% translated & approvals yet to start
  • Discussions were had about in order to ease the contributions for Joomla 4 in Crowdin 


  • Discussions were had about the concept of paid documentation writers for Joomla 4. Agreed for George to raise this at board level
  • Work on Joomla 4 Tutorials Landing Page
  • Still working to resolve issue with Translations, hopefully will have time over holidays to solve it.


  • Puneet was nominated by team to lead again for 2019 GSoC
  • Preparation for GSoC Application and GSoC 2019 Docs will begin by End of December/Early January
  • George and Sandra to talk about potential GSOC projects


  • Invitation to CMS security summit at the Google office in Chicago at January 29th/30th - topics: secure automated updates, disclosure and information flow, serverside filtering
  • RIPS scan causing false positives from time to time, being in touch with vendor to reduce the number of issues


  • George has committed to reviewing the 4 open PRs before christmas allowing the team time to work on the next round of pull requests
  • Will work on a sample pull request for a workflow implementation in banners for extension dev's to use as a basis for implementing workflows in their own components