By Jaz Parkyn on 2019-04-04 22:30 in Programs

Participants: Jaz Parkyn, Chris Keen, Vikas Pisal

Department Coordinator:

  1. A new team leader, Vikas Pisal, has been elected to the Volunteer Engagement Team. The department wishes him well and is looking forward to hearing about the team’s future plans.

  2. Jaz asked all team leaders to make arrangements to hold monthly team meetings to help all members of the team keep up to date with recent events and to keep operations running smoothly.

  3. It was agreed to hold monthly departmental meetings with a regular schedule from May onwards as both team leaders have vacations planned during April. In absence of April’s meeting, everyone agreed to keep up to date on Glip.

  4. As next year’s budget process will begin shortly, all team leaders have been asked to submit their budget requests for review within the department within the next couple of weeks. 


  1. Work is continuing on the new exam platform. 
  2. The team reviewed the progress of all internal tasks during a recent team meeting. 

Volunteer Engagement:

  1. Vikas is starting to develop an onboarding process for new volunteers and is evaluating different options. 
  2. A team meeting is being planned for April to discuss goals and strategies.