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Agenda / Minutes

1 Purpose, Function and Roles

In the new structure of the Joomla! Organisation, each team had to define its purpose, function and roles. The definition was made in coordination with the Product Department Leadership, resulting in the description on the Volunteers Portal.

The Tracker and GitHub were not mentioned explicitly. That has been changed.

The Purpose, Function and Roles description was accepted.

2 Measuring Efford

The role of a JBS member has changed. It is not longer sufficient to want to be a member.

That makes it necessary to measure the members’ activity in one way or another. It is possible to get more or less suitable numbers from the tracker itself, it should be possible for the forums as well. However, a whole bunch of expected engagement can’t be measured directly, especially on third party sites like StackOverflow.

Until a better solution exists, members are asked to provide a rough monthly summary of their activity. This reporting can be supported by some key persons which know what's going on in their sections, like Tobias for GitHub, Sandra for JDocs, Alison for Social Media, etc. It has to be automated in the mid/long term, though.

Troy found some resources to get numbers from external services, which will be shared with the Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team (VET).

3 Consolidation of Member list

Members not meeting the expectations mentioned in the document referenced above for three months, will be moved to the Contributor role instead.

Contributors without any activity on the tracker for three months will be removed from the team.

People with repeating activity on the tracker can be added to the Contributors list.

Contributors who meet the expectations for a Member, can be promoted to the Members list.

This procedure was accepted.

4 Test Tools

The GSoC project “PR Testing Platform” is creating an online tool for PR testing. A prototype can be seen at

5 Miscellaneous

Troy is producing a series of bug squashing and development related video tutorials that will be published on JDocs (hosted on Youtube).

6 Next Meeting

Regular team meeting each month on the 3rd Friday at 18:00 UTC on Glip.