By Niels Braczek on 2018-02-16 14:22 in Bug Squad

Friday, November 17th, 2017, 18:00 UTC on JWC in Rome



Niels Braczek (NB)


Demis Palma (DP)



Allon Moritz


Jean-Marie Simonet


Kevin Griffiths

Brian Teeman

Leo Lammerink

Chris Davenport

Michael Babker (MB)

Constantin Romankiewicz

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

David Steltz

Nicola Galgano (NG)

Dimitris Grammatikogiannis

Niels van der Veer

Franz Wohlkönig

Peter Martin

George Wilson

Robert Deutz

Harald Leithner


Roland Dalmulder

Hervé Boinnard

Troy Hall (TH)


Alessandro Rossi


Sandra Thevenet (ST)


Yves Hoppe (YH)
Automated Testing



Agenda / Minutes

1 Member List

Alessandro Rossi (AlexRed) asked Jean-Marie if he could join the Bug Squad team.

According to Jean-Marie, it would be a good idea, as he is helping a lot testing and creating issues.

The application was rejected by 4-2 voices.

2 Volunteers Portal

Please add your address on the Volunteers Portal, if you haven’t done that yet. It is a legal requirement for voting members.

3 PR Priority List

The priority list consists of the issues marked with milestone 3.8.

4 News from Production Department Meeting

The PD meeting was held the day before this meeting

  1. Separation of tests from code - The Automated Testing Team has put some effort into separating tests from the code they test. One of the goals was to enable developers to test PRs with different sets of tests.

  2. The PR Testing Platform developed by Ricardo Fusco in a GSoC project this year will be integrated into the tracker, so PRs get a button like ‘Test Me’ on them. The PR Testing Platform is a tool that creates two Joomla instances on demand in a sandbox for any PR, one with the patch applied and one without.

5 Miscellaneous

6 Next Meeting

Regular team meeting each month on the 3rd Friday at 18:00 UTC on Glip.

Next time Friday, Dec, 15th on Glip.