By Niels Braczek on 2018-03-16 23:10 in Bug Squad

Friday, March 16th, 2018, 19:00 UTC on Glip



Niels Braczek (NB)


Demis Palma (DP)



Allon Moritz


Leo Lammerink


Michael Babker (MB)

Brian Teeman

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Chris Davenport

Nicola Galgano (NG)


Constantin Romankiewicz

Niels van der Veer

David Steltz

Peter Martin

Dimitris Grammatikogiannis

Quy Ton

Franz Wohlkönig

Robert Deutz

George Wilson

Roland Dalmulder

Harald Leithner

Tomasz Narloch

Jean-Marie Simonet

Troy Hall (TH)


Kevin Griffiths

Tuan Pham Ngoc



Sandra Decoux (SD)


Yves Hoppe (YH)
Automated Testing


Agenda / Minutes

1 Member List

Due to workload, Niels didn’t have the time to contact the inactive members to make them aware of the situation and give them a chance to remain in the team. This is still on the todo list.

2 PR Priority List

Milestone 3.8.7


No entries


Milestone 3.9.0


#19612 Forward port of the output buffering check fix to 3.9

#18441 Support arbitrary relations for stylesheets

#18088 Refactored ExceptionHandler: separated logging and rendering

#17398 Load language strings for a default language to a separate array

#13692 Add an option to defer writing logs.

3 AutoTweet

In the last meeting, Nicola volunteered to take care of this. A Glip channel was created. Anibal is short of time currently, but the situation is getting better.

We try to manage the tweets manually (with support from Tweetdeck) and learn about schedule frequency and so on, until the AutoTweet tool is available.

4 Bug Fix Sprint

In the last meeting, the team members agreed to write up (in a Google Doc) their thoughts and ideas until end of February. No viable input has been given until now.

Team members will prepare proposals for at least one of the events mentioned, ideally until the end of the month, so we have time to read and discuss them and can make a decision in the next meeting, Apr 20.

5 Miscellaneous

PR Testing Platform

In the Department meeting, we got green light for the platform. We're actually waiting for Rochen. Michael and Niels are working on it.

6 Next Meeting

Regular team meeting each month on the 3rd Friday at 19:00 UTC on Glip.

Next time Friday, Apr, 20th on Glip.