By Joe Sonne on 2015-01-29 19:13 in Capital Team

Members in attendance: Joe Sonne, Mike Veeckmans, Mike Carson, Paul Orwig, Marco Dings, Brian Peat

Regrets: Martijn Boomsma


Absent: Charlie Hague, David Hurley, Robert Jacobi


  • Presentation by Mike Veeckmans for a new Joomla Shop proposal for review and comments by the team for consideration.
  • Discussed different sponsoring and marketing initiatives for consideration.
  • Discussions about areas of responsibilities within the team and which team members are willing to take on responsibilities of different task categories.
  • Joe Sonne is going to make adjustments to the team membership based on activity and meeting attendance.
  • Discussed moving all team communications to GLIP group for improved collaboration. Joe Sonne is moving forward with this implementation.