By Private Profile a57aa0d9 on 2018-08-28 14:30 in Capital Team

Participants: Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall, Jason Nickerson

Apologies: Sandra Decoux, Robert Jacobi, Soren Beck Jensen

The Capital team has been a bit silent as of late as we worked on some undisclosed partnerships and initiatives.   We are now ready to launch some new things and are excited to share the news!

Hosting Partners - To showcase Joomla friendly hosting companies, we have started a Joomla Hosting Partner directory.  The new page on will feature hosting companies, sortable by Continents and Country.


Ecwid Partnership - The Joomla Capital team is also working closely with Ecwid to help them with the goals of their SaaS shopping cart.  The first phase of advertising includes banner adverts on our properties.


New Gold Global Sponsor - Joomla has partnered with Kliken, the leading Google Adwords automation platform, to help the Joomla community advertise their website on Google quickly and effectively.  


New Bronze Global Sponsor - WebsiteSetup is sponsoring Joomla to help people build websites for free. WebsiteSetup also has tutorials on Joomla as well as free support via email and Facebook.


The Capital team has approved expenses for the Winter 2018 / 2019 Conference season with Capital Team attendance at the following shows:


Sept 15th - Merge! / CMS Summit, Orlando, FL USA

Oct 1st - cPanel Conference, Houston, TX USA

Jan 27th - Namescon Global, Las Vegas, NV USA

March 23rd - Cloudfest, Rust, Germany