By Luca Marzo on 2015-11-19 14:27 in Certification Operations Team

The Joomla! Certification Operation Team (COT) meets every Thursday at 1:00 PM GMT. This meeting was held on November 19th, 2015 on Glip.

Team members

Presents: Patrick Jungbluth, Sam Suresh, Luca Marzo, Pablo Pantoja, Hector Mansilla, Andre Dreier

Absents: Pamir Masharul Tasbeeh, Arjen Schrijvers, Chris Keen, Deb Cinkus

Discussion Outline

This is the fifth team report we publish on the volunteers portal.

  • Patrick shared with the team the budget values for the Certification Program coming from the Certification Steering Meeting.

  • Andre and Luca shared with the team a Workflow Brainstorming document in which they wrote some good practices and note about the application screening.

  • Regional / National Coordinators applicants are not allowed to be employed of JLPs to avoid Conflict of Interests.

  • C.O.T. will open a “Call for Volunteers” to recruit Regional Coordinators, an important role for the Certification Program.

  • During this first phase of the program, COT will involve JUGs and Translation Teams to verify information about local JLPs applicants.

  • Team suggested a name change for the “Certification Extension Team” to be rebranded as “Certification Platform Team”.

  • The Team would suggest Sam Suresh as leader for the “Certification Platform Team”.

  • The Team will write the Contract for JLPs and will submit to the OSM Legal Team for review.

  • The Team will write the Agreement for Volunteers (RCs, JoomlaDays and JUGs organizers).

  • The Team reviewed the workflow document in order to define a strong application screening process.

  • The team will contact OSM to clarify some key problems about selling/billing certification exams and taxation rules.

  • Sam shared with the team some important updates about the Certification Platform.

  • Patrick updated the Exam pricelist according to the Big Mac Index.

  • The price of the certification exams will be published on the Certification Program Website and Social Channels as soon as possible.


Meeting ends after 85 minutes.