By Luca Marzo on 2015-12-10 14:45 in Certification Operations Team

The Joomla! Certification Operation Team (COT) meets every Thursday at 1:00 PM GMT. This meeting was held on December 10th, 2015 on Glip.

Team members

Presents: Patrick Jungbluth, Sam Suresh, Luca Marzo, Pablo Pantoja, Andre Dreier, Deb Cinkus, Hector Mansilla (partly).

Absents: Pamir Masharul Tasbeeh, Arjen Schrijvers, Chris Keen

Discussion Outline

  • Team needs several days in order to complete the contract for JLPs

  • Team discussed about discounts for bulk exams purchase.

  • At the launch of the Joomla! Certification Program, until further announcements, all the JLPs will receive a discount to buy exam’s seats. No minimum order quantity required, no time expiration for bought seats.

  • After 6 months, COT will discuss about minimum order quantity to access the discount.

  • Patrick and Sam will update and websites to the new template.

  • Deb is handling the licensing process for a JIRA Service Desk instance

  • Luca will send an email to all the applicants for JLP after the meeting.

  • Team will start processing JLP applications after January, 12

  • Team will ask for a Adobe Echosign access in order to allow JLPs to sign the Contract.


Meeting ends after 100 minutes.