By Chris Keen on 2019-06-30 19:00 in Certification Team

Meeting started at 20:00 pm (CEST)

Attendees: Luca Marzo, Andrea Gentil, Jereon Moolenschot and Chris Keen.
Absent: Wilco Alsemgeest (not available).
Guest: Jaz Parkyn (Dept. Co-ordinator)

The Joomla Certification Program (JCP) team met to discuss three main topics

  1. The Exam pricing policy and process
  2. The 'Second chance' initiative
  3. The status / progress of the new exam platform


The exam policy and process proposal.

The current exam prices are based on the Big Mac Index (BMI), the current exam prices use the BMI from 1st January 2016. We need to update the exam prices to reflect the current BMI.
Proposal: to update the exam prices once a year on July 1st, based on the BMI from January 1st of that year. These prices will be valid for one calendar year. This will allow the team time to update and advertise the prices well in advance, and to use these prices for exams held after July 1st.
The current exam prices are also different for the varoous countries within the Eurozone (countries in Europe that share the Euro as a curency). The BMI does not differentiate between Eurozone countries. The current differnce in exam price between neighbouring countries, based on the 2016 BMI does not reflect the current economic situation in Eurozone countiries. To avoid this and to standardise the exam pricing process, we propose to use the BMI for the Eurozone, for all Eurozone countries, this means all Eurozone countries will have the same exam price. The Certification Team approved this proposal. It will be now put to the Board for approval.

The 'Second chance' initiative proposal:

The JCP wants to encourage exam candidates that don't achieve the 80 point (%) certification pass rate, to take the exam a second (or third) time by offering a discounted second (or third) exam price.
Proposal: For candidates achieving a score between 70 and 79 points, we offer a 50% discount on the second attempt. For those achieving under 70 points, we offer a 30% discount. All third attempts will be offered with a 30% discount. All discounts are applicable are only applicable to the same exam type and same version (for example for the J!3 Administration exam). Any further attempts will not be discounted. The Certification Team approved this proposal.

The status / progress of the new exam platform

The JCP team is working to improve and simply the JCP plaform and processes, including the current exam solution. We are moving to a new exam solution, and have made great progress in the last few months and are looking to implement this later in 2019. The team discussed the current status and is trying to decide on an implementation date. We want to make this a seemless process for the exam supervisors and exam candidates. We are therefore taking the necessary time and precautions to make this happpen. Further updates will follow in the near future, in the team reports or on the JCP website.

Meeting ended at 21:00 pm (CEST).