By Chris Keen on 2019-12-31 21:03 in Certification Team

November meeting:
The JCP November was rescheduled to the 4th of December due to vacations. The team discussed the status of the upcoming exams in Madrid and Chicago. We also noted that we are getting good response to the JCP "Did you know...." campaign. One response asked the documentation relating to the "Did you know ..." topic, which we were surely able to supply.
December meeting: The team met for the December meeting on the 18th. The main discussion of the meeting focused on the relative lack of progress on the new question management and exam solution. We have a workaround that would allow use to move forward on the exam side. We will now look how we can implement this while still working on the question management problem. We also discussed the other open tasks. The last topic was the upcoming 'forum' in January 2020 although little information is currently available. Four of the JCP team should be attending. Next meeting:
The next team meeting is scheduled for 29th January 2020.