By Chris Keen on 2020-02-29 18:02 in Certification Team

The meeting started at 20:00 (CET).


Attendees: Andrea Gentil, Jereon Moolenschot, Wilco Alsemgeest, Luca Marzo and Chris Keen.

Guest: Jaz Parkyn (Dept. Co-ordinator) - not online.


General points

1. Election results. The team briefly discussed the recent election results and the upcoming elections for the Vice President and Treasurer.

2. FftF initiative for a Content Manager exam. Laura Gordon and Chris Keen have written a first draft of a proposal for this new exam. This proposal was presented to the JCP team for discussion and review.  The proposal was generally accepted and the team will review it over the next few days adding comments and improvements where necessary.
Laura and Chris will integrate these into a second draft, which will be presently firstly to the FftF Re-engage and Re-ignite team for review. After approval, it will be presented to the JCP for review, hopefully during the next monthly team meeting.

 3. JCP 2020 sprint. The team plans to hold a JCP sprint in the first half of 2020. The aim of the sprint will be to complete integration of the Exam site into the Certification site, finish the new exam platform and possibly begin preparing for J!4. We discussed possible date and locations, but we first need to assess our remaioning budget, after any deductions of costs of the FftF. We will discuss this again during the next meeting.

Platform and Exam team

4. New Certified users Directory.  Through the integration of the Exam site into the Certification site, we need to replace the Certfified Users Directory, now hosted on the Exam site. We are now working closely with TechJoomla team to add a directory to their Shika LMS, which we are now using as the basis of our new exam plaform.

Operations and Marketing team

5. Upcoming exam sessions. There are two exam sessions planned in the next few months.
The first is on March 6th at Multi Media Hermes in Italy:
The second is on rst is on March 6th at Danico Enterprises, Illinois, the USA.

THe JCP team will be providing online support for these exams.

Next meeting: will be held on March 25th, 2020.

The meeting ended at 21:10 (CET)