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JCP Team Attendees:Chris Keen (TL), Jeroen Moolenschot
Exam Maintainers Team: Chris Keen, Laura Gordon and Shirielle 'SD' Williams

General points

Team news

Exam Maintainers Team (J! Adminstrator and Content Exams)

We would like thank Laura Gordon and Shirielle 'SD' Williams for helpig the JCP team. Laura and Shirielle have joined as Exam Maintainers to update the Administrator exam to J!4 and to develop the new 'Content' exam.). Great to have them on board.

Other JCP openings

We are still urgently seeking to recruit two new team members, an Operations and Marketing Coordinator and a Platform Developer.
These positions were posted in the May issue of the Joomla Community Magazine (JCM), community openings article:- 
So far we have not received any reactions. If you're interested or know someone suitable please contact us (or me directly).


J!4 Administrator exam

Over the last few months we have been (slowly) working on updating the J!3 Administartor exam to J!4. Due to lack of resources and time this is taking longer than we hoped.
Unfortunately the lack of J!4 documenation is making it difficult to ensure the Q&A topics are possible to learn and secondly that the Q&A's follow the documentation.

We are currently working on a plan to complete the Q&A's as far as possible and then to further test the Q&A's in an exam in Shika.

Operations and Marketing

There are no other updates from the Operations and Marketing team (mainly due to the lack of exams).

Website and Exam platform

Shika: (new exam platform) - still no change since June.

At this point in time we have not found any 'show stoppers' with Shika itself, but have some problems with the question management component. We need a Platform Developer to help us with this, as mentioned above, the position has been shared in the May issue of the JCM (see above).

Upcoming Meeting(s):

JCP monthly team meeting: 13th April 2022
Exam Maintainers meeting: not yet planned