By Sam Suresh on 2017-05-09 12:48 in Certification Team

Joomla! Certification Steering Team Meeting (9 May 2017)


The Joomla! Certification Steering Team meeting was held via Glip


  • In attendance: Sam Suresh, Richard Van Tilborg ,Luca Marzo (partially), Andrea Gentil, Chris Keen (partially), Oscar Ortiz, Michael Snoeren

  • Absent:  

  • Apologies:

Important Notes:-

  • New exam questions for new versions will be included after 3 months or longer.

  • New Question Management System (QMS) developed by Sam is ready to test

Action Plan:-

  • [Backlog] Exam team and Platform team to discuss the QMS flow

  • New Question Management System(QMS) needs testing

  • Michael Snoeren to start on certification session components this week

  • New checklist on platform testing to establish and members from all team to test each process before go live on major updates to prevent bugs

  • 1 Bug fix and 1 update to be done this week.

Sub Team Reports:-

Platform Team Report by Sam Suresh

- Working on fix important bug

- New QMS is ready to test (see action plan)

- Development of certification session still pending for developer (see action plan)


Marketing Team Report by Richard Van Tilborg

- we have published news and posted messages on social media, like the 100th Certified Administrator and JLP interview.
- working on cleaning up the folder structure and adapt the new banners style which is created by MWG.
- we try engaging to the community but we are waiting for replies to several requests (exams at Joomla! events, login data (for image download site, etc.)
- we woke up Sam in the middle of the night to fix a problem just before an exam at a JLP.

Operations Team Report by Oscar

No meeting last week.


Exam Team Report by Chris Keen

- Still working with questions (23 to go).

- Timing for new questions is 3 months