By Sigrid Gramlinger on 2021-01-25 21:32 in CMS Release Team

Wed, Jan 20, 2021, UTC 16:00


Scheduled duration: 60min
Duration: 45 min

Sigrid Gramlinger (Team Leader), Stefan Wendhausen (Assistant Team Leader), Benjamin Trenkle (4.1 Release Lead), Christiane Viatte, George Wilson (4.0 Release Lead), Harald Leithner (3.9 Release Lead), Jenn Gress, Philip Walton, Rachel Walraven, Tobias Zulauf (3.10 Release Lead)

Absent with notice:
Martyn Batten, Marc Widmann, Martin Hüttebräucker, Dimitri Engbert, Hervé Boinnard, Mike Brandner (Documentation), Andrew Barber


1. Regular Team meetings
We decided to plan our meetings two hours later as for some team members it is easier to attend.
Next meeting scheduled for Wed Feb. 17, 18:00 UTC.

2. Plugin for "End of support 3.10"
Tobias and Phil talked about the current status of the plugin to inform people about the EOS for Joomla 3. A first version with adapted texts from 2.5 and a color code for different status (info, warning,...) will be published on github soon. There will also be a Joomla magazine article about it to inform people ahead of time.

3. Last Release: Joomla 3.9.24
For the latest release 3.9.24, the CMS release team could find a bug in one of the security fixes before official release. As security fixes are only tested by few people, this was a really important catch - thanks to the team!

4. Joomla 4 Bootstrap Version
George explained to us the current status of the BS5 implementation tests into J4. There is still no decision made. However, we are planning an extensive testing session on the PR on Friday Feb 22. Phil will organise a Google meet and post in the group.
“[WIP] Bootstrap 5” -
“Replace Bootstrap 4 with Bootstrap 5” -

5. Tester profiles and testing environments Google Sheet is available
Sigrid prepared an example for  the profiles for testing. Team members are asked to add their profiles until the next meeting (Feb. 17)  to the Google sheet where we also have the documentation for our pre-release tests. The document is pinned in our glip channel.