By Sigrid Gramlinger on 2022-01-24 12:49 in CMS Release Team

Wed, Jan 05, 2021, UTC 18:00

Duration:  50 Minutes


Niels, Stefan, Benjamin, Franciska, Rachel, Jenn, Phil, Roland, Tobias, Sigrid


1. Plans for 2022

As was the first meeting of the year, everybody stated his/her plans with Joomla and/or the CMS Release team for 2022:


Sigrid - keeping a good team spirit and supporting release leads

Stefan - test more and German language

Benjamin - push 4.1 and focus resources 

Rachel - testing more structured

Phil - test less and focus on marketing

Jenn - testing 3.10, job with libraries

Roland - 4.2 ideas, patch tester, doc of workflow

Niels - 5.0 will be a lot and framework

Francy - 4.2, automated testing

Tobias - 3.10 moving into Security only mode

2. Next Release 4.1 and 3.10

Benjamin wants more testing for 4.1, RC will be on Jan 18, 2022

Testing focus on scheduler and child templates - there is a PR open for failed DB queries update. 

Planning the update channel (update server) for beta 3 - coordination with Tobias and Harald.


Tobias - RC 3.10.5 is planned for 8./9. January

3. New Release leads

Questions from new release leads Roland and Francy: how to start? There is no documentation yet.

Organising languages coordination - Tobias, Benjamin, Stefan?

Timeline for release dates - draft published in team channel

How to start branch on github - Tobias explains and will post in team channel (done already).

Github branches will be created/renamed with last 4.0 release

Feature planning for new releases: Benjamin suggested to focus one main feature and two smaller ones

Roland and Francy will check with GSoC/Enhancement team of existing features ideas/projects. They will also look into github/PR/discussion.


Some more discussion and exchange about how releases are planned and done.


Next CMS Release team meeting is scheduled for Wed. Jan 26, 18:00 UTC