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The Joomla! Extensions Directory Team (JED) Team meets the last Friday of every month at 6:00 AM PDT. This meeting was held on October 30th, 2015 on Glip.


The JED team consists of 32 members, with some not required to join meetings. The JED team is made up of 8 sub teams, aside from the Team Manager (Matt Baylor) and Assistant Team Manager (Tessa Mero), the sub-teams includes Liaisons, Support, Listing, Reviews, Marketing, Developer, Quality Control, and Documentation sub teams.


Team Members

Present: Tessa Mero, Matthew Baylor, Miron Savan, Jaz Parkyn, Luca Marzo, Angelos Hadjiphilppou, Amiel Horowitz, Anibal Sanchez, Mark Lee, Daniel Dimitrov, Claire Mandville, Rob Clayburn

Excused Absences: Paul Franklin, Hugh Douglas-Smith, Daniel Dubois, Pedro Goncalves, Rodrigo Spillere, Mustaq Shiekh, Renea Leathers, Valentine Garcia, Mark Smeed, Markus Bopp, Eyvonne Myers, Keith Daudt


Discussion Outline


This is our 3rd team meeting report! How exciting, right?


  • Tessa took role call

  • Matt reported Statistics for October 2015:

    • Extensions: 180 Submissions, where 129 were published, 31 were flagged with errors, and 20 still pending for review.

    • Reviews: 768 Submissions Published

    • Support Tickets: 211 Submissions, 63 pending.

  • We welcomed Miron Savan, who was hired yesterday and trained as a support specialist. Training has been complete by Tessa and mentoring will continue by Paul Franklin and Jaz Parkyn.

  • Tessa explained the new role of the QC tester for testing the quality of the extensions being submitted to the JED. (Not code quality, but functionality quality). The spreadsheet template was explained to the ticket support specialists on how to add listings to it to be tested from user complaints.

  • Matt has reported that our JEDCA (JED Contributor Agreement) is still in pending approval state from the board of directors. Basically, we cannot have developers contribute code to the new JED system without approval of the JEDCA by all parties.

    • JEDCA Approval Process:

      • July - August 2015 - Reviewed by JED team

      • 5 September 2015 - Approved by JED team

      • 12 September 2015 - Reviewed by CLT

      • 24 September 2015 - Approved by CLT

      • 4 October 2015 - Reviewed by OSM and Denied, pending email debate

      • 30 October 2015 - Still in pending review by OSM

        • 3 main issues, although the JEDCA was a complete copy of the Joomla Contributor Agreement, there has been legal issues spotted (although it has been initially approved by their lawyers).

        • We discussed as a team work arounds on wording the JEDCA to speed up the approval process, but hoping to have positive news before the next team meeting.

  • A Vagrant Box for the JED has been configured and set up by Tessa. Still one issue to fix before moving the JED code to the Vagrant Box, but will contact Johan Janssen for assistance.

  • Our team continued to have a discussion about different software licenses.

  • Back to Vagrant, we need to sanitize user information with dummy addresses and strip down extensions to 40-50 dummy attachments to make the development version lightweight. Responsibility will be held on Matt and Tessa. Miron offered to help.

  • Rob notified Tessa that Vagrant needs a MySQL version minimum that accepts full text innodb searches.

    • We plan to have Vagrant Box ready to go the second the JEDCA is approved by OSM.

  • Markus Bopp is working on the new template to implement to the new JED system. We will follow up and check to see if it is almost done or complete already.

  • Matt suggests we switch from AcyMailing to CMandrill. The team agrees unanimously. CMandrill will be implemented into the JED.

    • Rob will do some research with some templating stuff related to J email and email plugin.

  • Tessa and Matt discovered the JEDChecker stopped working after the Joomla 3.4.5 update and assuming there may be a correlation. We have notified Daniel Dimitrov to take a look at the code.

    • Luca Marzo and Jaz Parkyn volunteered to take a look at the new rules so we can evaluate what to do with the JEDChecker. Jaz will set up a document and share it with Luca after the meeting.

  • When the JEDCA is approved, our #1 priority is to have our volunteer developers work on major bugs, before rewriting/fixing the Rating calculations and search algorithm. We currently have 7 volunteer developers within the JED team awaiting to work on the code. We will also put out an announcement for developer volunteers. Make sure you follow the JED Newsletter for latest announcements.

  • The meeting is adjourned.

Reminder - There would be less Extensions being flagged if JED Developers would read the Knowledgebase and use the JEDChecker to view flagged files before submitting to the JED.


Meeting ends after 1 hour and 5 minutes.